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TOUCHBeauty Ultrasonic BlackheadRemover PoreVacuum

TOUCHBeauty Ultrasonic BlackheadRemover PoreVacuum

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TOUCHBeauty Ultrasonic BlackheadRemover PoreVacuum

TOUCHBeauty Ultrasonic BlackheadRemover PoreVacuum

Regular price $24.97
Regular price $24.97 Sale price
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Want to make your facial skin look and feel better? Try a painless treatment that can give you clearer and healthier-looking skin. Try TOUCHBeauty Ultrasonic BlackheadRemover PoreVacuum today.

Take a look at our satisfied customers’ review

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“I'm so glad to have found this TOUCHBeauty Ultrasonic BlackheadRemover PoreVacuum. I've tried a few others, but none of them were strong enough to remove the blackheads from my nose and chin. This one does have a strong suction power that does its job very well. I would definitely recommend this product!”—Jillian Gomez—Dallas, Texas

Reddit Blackheads Removal Routine Goes Viral | Teen Vogue

“I love my TOUCHBeauty Ultrasonic BlackheadRemover PoreVacuum. I have been using it for the past 2 weeks to take out blackheads and it is fabulous. It definitely takes some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, you can use this thing all day long. I think that you will be impressed as well.”—Karrie Williams— Phoenix, Arizona

How do people get blackheads?

Blackheads: Causes, Tips, and Treatment | Biore Skincare

Blackheads form when a hair follicle in the skin becomes clogged or plugged. Dead skin cells and excess oil collect in the follicle's opening, which produces a bump. If the skin over the bump opens, the air exposure causes the plug to look black, thus forming a blackhead. They will not go away on their own. If your pores continue to become clogged with oil and dirt it can lead to full-blown acne.

What is Ultrasonic?

Ultrasonic therapy or ultrasonic diathermy products used in physical therapy equipment produce high-frequency sound waves that travel deep into tissue and create gentle therapeutic heat. Ultrasonic diathermy is intended to generate deep heat within body tissues for the treatment of selected medical conditions such as pain, muscle spasms, and joint contractures, but not for the treatment of malignancies.

How does ultrasonic help to remove Blackheads and clear the pore?

At its most basic, an ultrasonic use soundwave to loosen up sebum, dead skin cells, and dirt and grime for the pores. This allows the metal spatula with high-frequency vibrations (30,000 Hz) to loosen and draw excess oils, dead skin cells, and debris out of pores via sound waves.

It can effectively remove acne, and blackheads, eliminate wrinkles and cutis laxa, accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism, decompose melanin, and dispel spots.

How does TOUCHBeauty Ultrasonic BlackheadRemover PoreVacuum work?

The best ultrasonic acne cleanser, which can clear pores and make your face more beautiful! Pore cleansing suction through suckers to pore thick pores black head and oil suction, to achieve the purpose of cleaning pores. It will keep your face white, especially female friends, and make your face more beautiful. This is a super pore cleansing that you can clean your forehead, chin, nose, and other fine pores. If you have blackheads on your forehead, chin, nose, and other sensitive areas, you can remove them completely with a pore cleaner

TOUCHBeauty Ultrasonic BlackheadRemover PoreVacuum is the ideal solution for removing sebum, dirt, and make-up residues. It uses ultrasonic technology, which enables it to clean pores and fine lines, bringing you a perfect result by removing dirt, impurities, and other unwanted substances.


What makes TOUCHBeauty Ultrasonic BlackheadRemover PoreVacuum special?

  • Cleans your pores and gets rid of dirt and oil from your skin
  • Makes your facial skin smooth, firm, and elastic.
  • Improves your facial skin condition effectively.
  • Mini in size, light in weight, and suitable for carrying on the go.
  • No squeezing, no piercing, no scratching, your blackhead will be sucked out.
  • Minimizes the appearance of large pores
  • Helps to remove the dirt that causes acne and blackheads.
  • Quick, safe, effective, and skin-caring.
  • Bring you glowing and smooth skin

Specifications :

  • Material: ABS
  • Battery: 1 * 1.5V AA battery (not included)
  • Size: 15 * 2.6 * 2.6cm
  • Weight: 60g


Product Include :

  • 1PC X TOUCHBeauty Ultrasonic BlackheadRemover PoreVacuum
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