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RICPIND Ultrasonic Pest Blocker Mini Guard Repellent

RICPIND Ultrasonic Pest Blocker Mini Guard Repellent

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RICPIND Ultrasonic Pest Blocker Mini Guard Repellent

RICPIND Ultrasonic Pest Blocker Mini Guard Repellent

Regular price $27.97
Regular price $27.97 Sale price
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Say goodbye to pests with the RICPIND Ultrasonic Pest Blocker Mini Guard Repellent, your ultimate shield against unwanted guests!

With thousands of verified 5-star reviews and scientific proofs, what is it so special about this product that has people celebrating? 

Eliminate bed bugs: Protect your health and our planet - Take action now!

Bed bugs pose more than just a nuisance—they present a genuine health threat, causing skin irritations, psychological distress, and potential disease transmission.

Particularly in Paris, bed bug infestations, confirmed by the INELP, have surged over the past few years, impacting various locations including hotels, airports, and public transit, necessitating immediate action to curb their spread.

With rising travel and commerce, bed bugs have become a widespread issue, affecting not only accommodations but also public spaces, emphasizing the urgency to address and mitigate the distress they cause. 

The RICPIND Ultrasonic Pest Blocker Mini Guard Repellent is your solution!

The RICPIND Ultrasonic Pest Blocker Mini Guard Repellent is perfect for outdoor adventures like hiking, walking, and traveling, offering portable protection against pests wherever you go. 

Check out the feedback from our satisfied customers: 

“The ultrasound technology is impressive and efficient. It's compact and doesn't need to be plugged in, which is a big plus. I love that it is safe to use around my children and pets. Plus, the comprehensive coverage means there are no more annoying bites." -Kaleb Friedberg, 38, Frankfurt, Germany

“Before I flew to Paris, I was very afraid of bed bugs. That's when I stumbled upon the RICPIND Ultrasonic Pest Blocker Mini Guard Repellent and was amazed by its performance! Bed bugs were nowhere to be seen. This handy device has been an absolute lifesaver on my travels - it helps me relax knowing I'm safe from bed bugs." -Inga Schichau, 26, Munich, Germany

How does Electromagnetism and Ultrasonic Technology help?

Electromagnetism and Ultrasonic Technology work together to repel bugs by emitting frequencies that are uncomfortable for insects, creating a barrier that discourages them from nesting or staying in an area. The electromagnetic waves disrupt pests' ability to orient themselves, while ultrasonic waves create an unwelcoming environment, deterring their presence. Together, these technologies offer a non-toxic, eco-friendly approach to pest control, effectively driving bugs away without harmful chemicals.

Key features of RICPIND Ultrasonic Pest Blocker Mini Guard Repellent

All-round protection (effective range up to 900 square meters):   Covers an extensive 900 square meters, offering protection in large outdoor spaces for groups or wilderness outings, whether in indoor or outdoor settings like homes, kitchens, offices, gardens, or during travels and various activities such as camping, fishing, or mountaineering.

Portable and creative design:  Operating the device is simple—turn it on, and it emits ultrasonic waves, creating a pest-free zone around you without the need for repellent creams or sprays. It's compact, lightweight, and portable with a removable hook, easily fitting into your backpack, bag, or handbag, making it convenient for nature hikes, leisurely strolls, or travel adventures.

Quiet Operation:   In contrast to noisy or high-maintenance pest control methods, this mini repellent operates silently, effectively keeping pests at bay without causing any disturbance. You won't even notice it's there, but you'll certainly notice the absence of pests.

People and Pet Friendly:   Safe, eco-friendly, and suitable for extended use, the RICPIND Ultrasonic Pest Blocker Mini Guard Repellent is completely harmless and efficient. The ultrasonic waves have no impact on the daily lives of individuals, including children, babies, and pets.


Designed with Electromagnetism and Ultrasonic Technology

The RICPIND Ultrasonic Pest Blocker Mini Guard Repellent combines electromagnetism and ultrasonic technology to deter pests effectively, creating an environment that discourages their presence in your living space.

Using Ultrasonic Technology, the device emits high-frequency sound waves, audible to pests like rodents and insects, causing discomfort and disorientation, prompting them to seek quieter surroundings.

Electromagnetic technology emits low-frequency waves, establishing an electromagnetic field that covers the designated area, disturbing pests like rodents and deterring them from these zones by disrupting their usual behavior patterns.

  • Safe to Use!
  • Environmental-friendly 

What makes RICPIND Ultrasonic Pest Blocker Mini Guard Repellent special?

  • Electromagnetic technology and ultrasonic wave emission
  • Environmentally friendly solution and safe for everyone
  • High quality materials
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Portable and easy to use



At RICPIND, innovation safeguards your world against pests, ensuring peaceful and pest-free environments. The RICPIND Ultrasonic Pest Blocker Mini Guard Repellent utilizes a blend of ultrasonic and electromagnetic technology to create an uncomfortable environment for pests, keeping them at bay. This compact device provides effective and silent pest control without the need for harmful substances, ensuring a pest-free space.


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