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Ricpind Ultrasonic DeepCleansing Skin Scrubber

Ricpind Ultrasonic DeepCleansing Skin Scrubber

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Ricpind Ultrasonic DeepCleansing Skin Scrubber

Ricpind Ultrasonic DeepCleansing Skin Scrubber

Regular price $29.97
Regular price $29.97 Sale price
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Before we introduce our product, let's look at our happy customers.
Congrats on the success!

 —Georgia Thompson—29,Bakersfield, California

“I have been using this Ricpind Ultrasonic DeepCleansing Skin Scrubber for about 3 weeks now. I have also noticed that my skin has a much more even tone and I do not have as many problem areas as I did before. My pores look smaller and my makeup goes on smoother. This is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their skin!”

—Olivia Brown—24, Arlington, Massachusetts

“I've been using the Ricpind Ultrasonic DeepCleansing Skin Scrubber for a couple of weeks now and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed. I saw some results almost immediately - my skin is smoother and softer. And the best part is that it feels so nice on my skin while I'm using it. It's gentle enough that I can use it every day, which is really important to me since I have sensitive skin. It's also small and portable, so I can take it with me wherever I go!” 

How do people get blackheads?

Blackheads: Causes, Tips, and Treatment | Biore Skincare

Blackheads form when a hair follicle in the skin becomes clogged or plugged. Dead skin cells and excess oil collect in the follicle's opening, which produces a bump. If the skin over the bump opens, the air exposure causes the plug to look black, thus forming a blackhead. They will not go away on their own. If your pores continue to become clogged with oil and dirt it can lead to full-blown acne.

Ultrasonic vibration technology

Remove blackheads, and oily and dead skin cells with our Ricpind Ultrasonic DeepCleansing Skin Scrubber. This scrubber is portable, cordless, powerful, and easy to use. The high frequency of vibrations can penetrate your skin up to 3 - 5 mm deep to speed up the metabolism and hydrate your skin. It also cleans your pores, removing clogged dirt and cosmetics residues for healthy-looking skin.

What is ultrasonic?

Ultrasonic therapy or ultrasonic diathermy products used in physical therapy equipment produce high-frequency sound waves that travel deep into tissue and create gentle therapeutic heat. Ultrasonic uses a sound wave of high frequency to vibrate the skin and stimulate the body’s own collagen production by increasing blood flow in the area with a massage that stimulates blood circulation A hypo-allergenic gel aids in the transmission of ultrasonic energy and prevents overheating at the surface of the applicator.

Improve your skin’s appearance with Ultrasonic

Improve your skin’s appearance with Ultrasonic. This unique Ricpind Ultrasonic DeepCleansing Skin Scrubber uses ultrasonic waves to gently massage the face, resulting in a smoother, more youthful look. Ultrasonic also helps improve the fine lines and wrinkles on the surface of the skin and helps increase cell rejuvenation. Ultrasonics uses ultrasound to stimulate skin elasticity and collagen production. 

ION + export and ION- import:

  • ION export removes blackheads, dead skin, dirt, and oily impurities on your face to give your skin the freedom to be fresh and breathe.
  • ION import helps the natural face cream and essence to be introduced into the lower layer of the skin for effective absorption. This naturally makes your facial skin retain more of the natural ingredients in the cream and at the same time be nourished with quality.

How does Ricpind Ultrasonic DeepCleansing Skin Scrubber work?

Ricpind Ultrasonic DeepCleansing Skin Scrubber helps your skin absorb the nutrition of skin care products more effectively and can choose a variety of combined functions to make delicate women. From now on, your home is a beauty parlor – it's easy to operate at any time. Since then, there is no need to worry about expensive skin care products. It moisturizes for a long time so that your skin does not need constant maintenance.

Exfoliate away dead skin with the deep cleansing

The Ricpind Ultrasonic DeepCleansing Skin Scrubber works to gently exfoliate dirt and debris from the pores of the skin for a cleaner, healthier complexion. The product uses safe, gentle ultrasound waves that are effective at removing dead skin cells, dirt, and oil from the surface of your skin. 

What makes Ricpind Ultrasonic DeepCleansing Skin Scrubber unique?

  • Makes your skin become firmer, more energetic, and more elastic
  • Improve the fine lines and wrinkles on the surface of the skin.
  • Promote the regeneration of collagen
  • Inhibit the excessive production of melanin and contractive pore
  • Resist repeated growth of acne
  • Stimulate muscle massage to make your skin glow
  • Speed up the metabolism and hydrate your skin
  • Scrap away dead skin and also get blackheads and pimples out.
  • Gives significant glow and smoothing to your acne and rough skin
  • An effective delivery system utilizing gentle vibrations to penetrate the skin along with nutrients present in skin care products. 

Specifications :

  • Type : USB cable
  • Size: 172*52.5*26.5mm
  • Weight: 0.35 kg


At Ricpind, we know that beauty is more than skin deep, which is why we're dedicated to using only the most effective ingredients in our formulas. Our scientifically-crafted products deliver proven results for the beauty that lasts. 


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