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RICPIND Sticky Residue Remover Wipes

RICPIND Sticky Residue Remover Wipes

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RICPIND Sticky Residue Remover Wipes

RICPIND Sticky Residue Remover Wipes

Regular price $17.97
Regular price $17.97 Sale price $26.97
SAVE 33% Sold out

Unstick with ease with RICPIND Sticky Residue Remover Wipes- your ultimate solution to clean and clear surfaces

See our customers’ feedback

“Struggling to remove stubborn glue residues from various surfaces around the house has been a constant challenge for me. No matter how hard I scrubbed or what cleaning products I used, I couldn't seem to get rid of the sticky mess left behind. It was frustrating and time-consuming, and I often ended up damaging the surfaces in the process. Discovering RICPIND Sticky Residue Remover Wipes has been an absolute game-changer for me. These wipes effortlessly tackle even the toughest glue residues, leaving surfaces clean and residue-free in no time. Now, I can easily remove adhesive remnants without any hassle, saving time and preserving the integrity of my belongings.” –Josephine Rodriguez, 35, Los Angeles, California

"I was amazed by how effective RICPIND Sticky Residue Remover Wipes are! With just a few swipes, they effortlessly dissolved the stubborn adhesive residue on my surfaces. These wipes are a lifesaver for anyone dealing with sticky messes!" -Ashley Williams, 31, New York City, New York

Unlocking the Power of Propanol

Gustave Chancel, a French chemist, emphasized propanol's remarkable prowess as a remover. Propanol, also recognized as propan-1-ol or n-propanol, belongs to the primary alcohol category, boasting a chemical formula of CH3CH2CH2OH. Originally uncovered in 1853 during the fractional distillation of fusel oil, propanol stands out as a major component of fusel oil and is predominantly manufactured industrially through the catalytic hydrogenation of propionaldehyde. This versatile solvent showcases exceptional effectiveness in removing various residues, including glue, making it a valuable asset across diverse industries.

RICPIND Sticky Residue Remover Wipes contain propanol, a powerful solvent renowned for its effectiveness in removing stubborn residues. With the added strength of propanol, these wipes effortlessly dissolve adhesive residues without damaging surfaces.


Unstick with Ease: Introducing Our Revolutionary Residue Rescuer Wipes - Your Solution to Effortless Glue Removal!

Effortlessly tackle stubborn residues with RICPIND Sticky Residue Remover Wipes, offering swift and effective glue removal. Our advanced formula ensures quick dissolution of adhesive without causing harm to surfaces, making cleanup a breeze. Experience the convenience and efficiency of our wipes, leaving surfaces pristine and residue-free in seconds.

Effortless Glue Removal: Powerful, Gentle, Traceless!

RICPIND Sticky Residue Remover Wipes offer powerful and efficient glue removal, leaving surfaces clean and traceless. Their gentle formula ensures effective cleaning without causing harm to surfaces, making them a must-have for any cleaning task. Experience hassle-free cleanup with these reliable wipes, designed to tackle adhesive residues with ease.


Use it anywhere for quick and easy cleanup

Discover the versatility of our gentle yet powerful RICPIND Sticky Residue Remover Wipes- your go-to solution for hassle-free glue removal on glass, metal, plastic, ceramic tiles, and more! Effortlessly erase adhesive residue without a trace, saving you time and effort with just one wipe. From self-adhesive to sticky notes and markers, our wipes effectively tackle various residues while ensuring a clean finish every time, leaving surfaces spotless and pristine.

Mild ingredients and Breathable

Crafted with mild ingredients and breathable non-woven fabrics, these wipes are gentle on surfaces and hands, ensuring effective removal of adhesive residues without causing harm. Their tear-resistant design offers durability while maintaining gentleness, providing a hassle-free cleanup solution for various surfaces. Simply wipe away without worrying about damage, thanks to our formula designed for safety and effectiveness.

Strong & Lint-Free

RICPIND Sticky Residue Remover Wipes are tough and durable, ensuring they don't break easily during use. Plus, they won't leave behind any lint or hair, providing efficient glue removal without any mess. Say goodbye to frustration with our reliable wipes that get the job done without a hitch.

How to Use:

  1. Find any glue residue you wish to eliminate.
  2. Extract a wet wipe and gently clean the glue area.
  3. Continue wiping until the surface is completely clean.

Why chooses this product?

  • Effortless residue removal
  • Versatile on various surfaces
  • Gentle yet effective formula
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Leaves surfaces clean and traceless


It is not suitable for wiping the surface of wooden painted furniture and leather goods; surfaces with special coatings need to be carefully tested by the product department to confirm safety before use.


Package includes:

  • 1 box of 36 pcs


At RICPIND, we're committed to simplifying your everyday challenges with innovative solutions designed to make life easier and more convenient. We crafted RICPIND Sticky Residue Remover Wipes to effortlessly tackle stubborn adhesives while leaving surfaces pristine. These wipes provide a hassle-free solution for efficient glue removal, ensuring a clean finish every time.


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