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RICPIND ScratchMaster Car Repair Pen

RICPIND ScratchMaster Car Repair Pen

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RICPIND ScratchMaster Car Repair Pen

RICPIND ScratchMaster Car Repair Pen

Regular price $24.97
Regular price $24.97 Sale price
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Experience the ultimate convenience and precision of flawless car repairs with the RICPIND ScratchMaster Car Repair Pen, your go-to solution for a showroom-worthy finish. 

With thousands of verified 5-star reviews and scientific proofs, what is it so special about this product that has people celebrating? 

Revealed: The newest innovation in car care, the RICPIND ScratchMaster Car Repair Pen, designed to effortlessly restore your vehicle's flawless finish.

Discover RICPIND's ScratchMaster Car Repair Pen, your key to flawless car aesthetics. Effortlessly restore your vehicle's showroom shine, saving time and money on costly body shop repairs with its professional-grade formula. Elevate your car's appearance and trust in RICPIND for stunning results.

How RICPIND ScratchMaster Car Repair Pen helps?

The RICPIND ScratchMaster Car Repair Pen is your go-to solution for addressing those pesky scratches and blemishes on your vehicle. This innovative tool helps by providing a convenient, cost-effective way to restore your car's appearance to showroom quality. With its user-friendly design, you can effortlessly cover up imperfections and enhance your car's aesthetics, saving you time and money on expensive body shop visits. The professional-grade formula in the pen seamlessly blends with your car's paint, ensuring that you achieve flawless, professional results every time, leaving your vehicle looking pristine and turning heads wherever you go. 

MAIN FEATURES of RICPIND ScratchMaster Car Repair Pen

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Repair Scratches Quickly

Using this scratch repair pen is a breeze – simply apply it, work it into the scratch or scuff, and wipe it away to swiftly repair car scratches. This pen not only fills in scratches but also self-levels, drying smoothly for a seamless finish.

Clear Coat

This revolutionary liquid clear coat performs near magic, making even the most stubborn scratches almost vanish! It's compatible with any car, regardless of the color, make, or model.

Save Time & Money

Never go to a repair shop to fix scratches again, do it yourself, save time and money.

Safe & Waterproof & Easy to Carry

This scratch repair pen is non-toxic, permanent, water-resistant, and odorless. Small size, you can carry it with you, put it in your pocket or in the car, it does not take up space.

Easy To Use

It works on any car in four easy steps– apply fix it, buff it in and wipe away. 

Designed with liquid clear coat

The RICPIND ScratchMaster Car Repair Pen is ingeniously crafted with a liquid clear coat that works like magic, making stubborn scratches nearly disappear. This remarkable innovation is compatible with cars of any color, make, or model, providing a universal solution for car enthusiasts and everyday drivers. It's a quick and effective way to restore your vehicle's pristine appearance, leaving it looking as good as new.

  • Safe to use
  • Non-toxic and odorless

Check out our happy customer's review  

Paint Chip And Scratch Repair | McDowells Specialty Repairs

"I can't express how thrilled I am with the RICPIND ScratchMaster Car Repair Pen. It's like a secret weapon for car enthusiasts! I had some noticeable scratches on my car, and this pen made them practically vanish with its liquid clear coat magic. It's so easy to use, and my car now looks immaculate. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants their vehicle to shine like new." - Timmy Celestine 

Mobile Car Scratch Repair & Removal | ChipsAway

"Absolutely amazing! The RICPIND ScratchMaster Car Repair Pen is a game-changer. I had some nasty scratches on my car, and I couldn't believe the results. It's like they were never there. The liquid clear coat technology is pure genius. I saved a ton of money by not going to the body shop, and my car looks fantastic. I'm one happy customer!" - Sergey Moreno

How to Use

  1. Shake well and apply in the shade.
  2. Prime the pen by pressing the tip downward until it's saturated (40-50 times).
  3. Apply it to the damaged area and let it cure in sunlight (above 55°F).
  4. Wipe off excess quickly and allow it to dry in sunlight (1-48 hours).
  5. Deeper scratches may need additional applications.

What Makes RICPIND ScratchMaster Car Repair Pen Special?

  • Multipurpose
  • Protective Finish
  • Universal Compatibility
  • Liquid Clear Coat Technology
  • User-Friendly Application 


At RICPIND, we revolutionize care for your prized possessions, one scratch at a time. Grounded in our dedication to holistic product, the RICPIND ScratchMaster Car Repair Pen, equipped with liquid clear coat technology, effortlessly restores your vehicle's finish, making it look brand new. Compatible with all car makes and models, it's the ideal, user-friendly solution for tackling scratches and scuffs. 


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