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RICPIND Safe Guard Self-Defense Comb Blade Tool

RICPIND Safe Guard Self-Defense Comb Blade Tool

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RICPIND Safe Guard Self-Defense Comb Blade Tool

RICPIND Safe Guard Self-Defense Comb Blade Tool

Regular price $22.97
Regular price $22.97 Sale price
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Enjoy the versatility of the RICPIND Safe Guard Self-Defense Comb Blade Tool: your trusty wilderness survival tool and everyday companion

Check out our customers’ feedback

"Absolutely blown away by the RICPIND Safe Guard Self-Defense Comb Blade Tool! Took it on a camping trip and it became my go-to tool for everything - from chopping wood for the fire to slicing through tough ropes effortlessly. The comb feature is genius; it's discreet yet effective, perfect for urban adventures too!" -Emma Johnson 

"This knife is a game-changer! I walk my dog late at night, and having the RICPIND Safe Guard Self-Defense Comb Blade Tool gives me a sense of security. Its sleek design makes it easy to handle, and the fact that it functions as a regular knife is a huge plus. It's become a daily essential for me." -Olivia Williams 

The newest innovation in personal safety, RICPIND Safe Guard Self-Defense Comb Blade Tool —a discreet yet powerful tool for your everyday protection

Unveiling the ultimate fusion of functionality and safety, the RICPIND Safe Guard Self-Defense Comb Blade Tool is your trusted companion for urban and wilderness survival. Engineered for multipurpose use, this sleek and discreet tool seamlessly transitions from a self-defense asset to a reliable everyday knife, adept at handling tasks from opening parcels to aiding in outdoor expeditions. 

Your all-in-one solution for self-defense, wilderness survival, and peace of mind on daily strolls

Experience the ultimate convenience in a single tool—an ingenious comb knife offering self-defense capabilities, wilderness survival readiness, and enhanced security during everyday dog walks. This versatile solution seamlessly transitions from a discreet self-protection asset to a reliable aid in navigating the wild, ensuring peace of mind and added confidence in various situations, all within a compact and multi-functional design.

 Key features of RICPIND Safe Guard Self-Defense Comb Blade Tool

Strong self-defense. At first glance, its appearance mirrors that of an unassuming comb, yet concealed within its handle lies a discreet yet formidable dagger, cleverly blending functionality with subtlety.

Small but powerful. The hidden blade is sharp and ready to cut through small objects when you need it most, transforming this tool into a versatile aid for daily tasks and surprise situations.

Multi-purpose functionality. This comb serves dual purposes, excelling not just in self-defense but also in everyday needs like opening packages, cutting cords, and handling small tasks - all while maintaining the appearance of an ordinary comb! It's a practical tool that assures both protection and assistance in your daily routine, ensuring peace of mind in self-defense and practicality in everyday tasks.

Compact and lightweight. At 6.25 inches in length, this self-defense tool offers exceptional portability, conveniently fitting into your pocket or purse without drawing attention, ensuring readiness across various environments wherever you venture.

Easy to conceal. The comb and knife are crafted for ease of use, seamlessly transitioning from grooming to self-defense, ensuring you're prepared for any situation effortlessly.

Designed with Multi-purpose functionality

Crafted for versatile functionality, the RICPIND Safe Guard Self-Defense Comb Blade Tool seamlessly integrates both comb and knife elements, offering multifaceted utility in a single tool. This design ensures ease of use and adaptability, allowing for effortless grooming and effective self-defense when needed, catering to various situations with simplicity and practicality.

Robust self-protection
Compact comb


What makes this tool standout?

Comb conceals a sharp knife
Versatile grooming tool
self-defense weapon
Portable and discreet
Multipurpose functionality



At RICPIND, our commitment intertwines safety seamlessly with versatile solutions, ensuring reliability in every situation. Our innovative RICPIND Safe Guard Self-Defense Comb Blade Tool combines discreet functionality with reliable defense capabilities, designed to seamlessly assist in both grooming and safeguarding. It's a compact and versatile tool crafted for everyday readiness in various situations.



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