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RICPIND Multipurpose 18 in 1 Survival Pocket Card Tool

RICPIND Multipurpose 18 in 1 Survival Pocket Card Tool

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Carry your safety wherever you go with RICPIND Multipurpose 18 in 1 Survival Pocket Card Tool, your ultimate companion for every situation

Unlock Versatility: Your Essential Survival Companion

Discover the ultimate ally for your adventures with RICPIND Multipurpose 18 in 1 Survival Pocket Card Tool. Compact yet versatile, this tool boasts a range of functions, from opening bottles to handling various fixes. Stay prepared for any situation, as this multitasker ensures you're ready to conquer any challenge that comes your way. With its portable design, RICPIND Multipurpose 18 in 1 Survival Pocket Card Tool becomes an essential companion for your everyday explorations. 

What makes this product stand out, with rave reviews and people cheering for its uniqueness?

"This RICPIND 18 in 1 Survival Pocket Card Tool is incredibly practical, packing numerous functions into a compact design. It's my go-to for various tasks, fitting easily in my wallet." -Tyler Johnson, 36, Houston, Texas 

"RICPIND Survival Pocket Card Tool is a reliable companion for everyday needs, offering versatility in a well-crafted, portable design. It's become my mini toolbox for quick fixes." -Jacob Ethan, 29, Chicago, Illinois

 Tool with 18 functions for survival situations

The RICPIND Multipurpose 18 in 1 Survival Pocket Card Tool is your ultimate survival companion, boasting 18 versatile functions. From opening bottles, cans, and boxes to serving as a letter opener and a fruit peeler, it's packed with practicality. It also includes screwdrivers, hex wrenches, a cell phone stand, glass screwdrivers, and a ruler, offering a wealth of utility in a compact design.

Screwdrivers & Hex wrenchesGreat for small fixes around the house these screwdrivers will fit on Phillips or flat head screws. Tighten hex bolts on skateboards, bikes, or wherever!

Opening & peeling : No more reaching for keys to rip open boxes. Wallet Ninja is angled just right to get any box open easily! Also keep your fingernails clean and use a card tool to peel your orange instead!

Can & bottle opener : The coolest bottle opener in the world! Open any ice cold bottle with swift ease! This military styled can opener is flat but durable enough to open any can!

Ruler : Sometimes you need inches... But sometimes you need centimeters. Luckily, you have both!

Phone stand : Just insert 1-2 cards within the slit and viola. You now have a horizontal or vertical phone holder!

Lightweight and Portable. Crafted from durable stainless steel, this 18-in-1 mini multitool is sturdy and resistant to bending and rust. Its credit card-like size makes it perfect for everyday carry, boasting smooth edges for easy handling without scratching your wallet. Complete with a premium sleeve for convenient storage in your pocket or wallet, this multitool is a go-to for tech and gadget enthusiasts everywhere.

Mini Wallet Card Tool for Wild Application. Anyone with a knack for fixing things will adore this wallet tool card! It's a must-have EDC tool for outdoor enthusiasts—perfect for camping, hiking, fishing, cycling, and more. This card multitool is your handy companion during outdoor adventures or when you're fixing things. 

What makes RICPIND Multipurpose 18 in 1 Survival Pocket Card Tool standout?

Compact and versatile design
18 multifunctional tools included
Pocket-sized convenience
Durable stainless-steel construction
Suitable for various tasks
Essential for everyday carry



At RICPIND, find practical essentials crafted exclusively for you, every day. We crafted the RICPIND Multipurpose 18 in 1 Survival Pocket Card Tool for ultimate versatility, blending 18 functions into a pocket-sized necessity. From opening bottles to aiding repairs, it's your compact go-to for various tasks.



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