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Ricpind IONSlim BodyLifting Shapewear

Ricpind IONSlim BodyLifting Shapewear

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Ricpind IONSlim BodyLifting Shapewear

Ricpind IONSlim BodyLifting Shapewear

Regular price $29.97
Regular price $29.97 Sale price
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Introducing the cutting-edge Ricpind IONSlim BodyLifting Shapewear, a revolutionary fusion of technology and fashion designed to sculpt your body with precision. Crafted with innovative IONS technology, this shapewear not only shapes and lifts but also enhances your overall well-being by promoting improved blood circulation and metabolic acceleration. 

Alicia Michael from Brooklyn, New York showed us her incredible results with our newest product! 

“I was once an overweight person with heart problems, and the doctor warned me that I could have health problems if I didn't lose weight. I was determined to make a change and advocated for nutrition and increased physical activity. However, the results were not as obvious as I was a little disappointed that it was as obvious as expected. Luckily, one day a friend recommended these shorts to me. I tried it and used it for 3 weeks and the results were amazing! They proved particularly effective in combating leg swelling and providing me with much-needed relief and comfort. Thank you for the Ricpind IONSlim BodyLifting Shapewear.” -Alicia Michael, Brooklyn, New York


“I tried various base layers and yoga pants, but none of them seemed to work effectively against the discomfort and irritation caused by heat in my intimate area and buttocks. However, these yoga pants were recommended to me by my therapist and I decided to give them a try. I use it all year round, especially during the hot and humid summer season. I have to say it was a game changer for me! The breathable fabric and innovative design helped relieve itching and even reduced the appearance of acne on my buttocks. I couldn't be happier with the results. If you are struggling with similar issues, I highly recommend you give these yoga pants a try.” - Tanya Cranston, 54, Brooklyn, New York 

Why is fat stored faster in the stomach?

When the body needs energy, these fats are broken down into fatty acids and glycerin, which then enter the circulation and are used by muscles and other tissues. When the body absorbs more energy than it uses, the remaining energy is converted into fat and stored in fat cells, leading to weight gain and fat accumulation. Many women will notice an increase in belly fat as they age. Even if they don't gain weight. This can be caused by poor blood circulation and slowing of metabolism as we age.

How does the Ricpind IONSlim BodyLifting Shapewear work?

Ricpind IONSlim BodyLifting Shapewear activates more than 800 reflex points within the abdominal cavity, harnessing its energy independently, without reliance on external power sources like electricity. Utilizing ion therapy, far infrared therapy, and absinthe therapy, these tourmaline-infused shaping shorts offer users a multifaceted massage and stimulation experience. This innovative technology effectively promotes blood and lymph circulation, alleviates lymphedema and inflammation, and diminishes fluid retention and cellulite in the body.


Far Infrared therapy

Harness the Healing Power of the Sun with Far Infrared Therapy %u2013 Southwest  Florida's Health and Wellness Magazine

Research has demonstrated that Ricpind IONSlim BodyLifting Shapewear offers a compelling solution for weight management. This advanced shapewear is capable of generating infrared energy internally, eliminating the need for external power sources. According to findings from New York Medicine, infrared therapy provided by this shapewear not only enhances blood circulation, promotes cellular metabolism, and stimulates collagen production but also facilitates calorie burning, contributing to weight loss. Infrared therapy stimulates the release of fatty acids and glycerin from fat cells, which the body can then absorb, further aiding in weight reduction. Additionally, it accelerates metabolic processes, resulting in increased calorie expenditure, aligning with the objective of achieving weight loss.

Far infrared therapy, as explained by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), is a modern approach to reducing fat and improving the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite. It works by emitting high-frequency vibrations that can boost blood circulation, rev up metabolism, encourage the production of collagen in tissues, and break down fat beneath the skin. In essence, this therapy is an advanced method for tackling fat loss and addressing stretch marks and cellulite, offering potential benefits for women seeking to attain a more aesthetically pleasing and toned physique.

 Lifting the buttocks for a fuller buttock

Ricpind IONSlim BodyLifting Shapewear massages and releases ions that promote collagen reinforcement, allowing loose skin and excess fat to disappear from the buttocks and helping to tighten and lift saggy, deformed buttocks! 

Absinthe therapy

By employing a unique method that involves immersing shorts in absinthe and integrating them with tourmaline, these shorts have the capacity to emit thujone and negative ions. When coupled with far infrared therapy, this combination can effectively alleviate discomfort in various body regions, promote muscle relaxation, and reduce inflammation. Over extended periods of use, this approach may serve as a preventive measure and treatment strategy for a range of health issues, including inflammation, cellulite, swollen lymph nodes, edema, and gynecological conditions. Remarkably, it may even contribute to the prevention of cervical cancer.

Get in shape and improve blood circulation

Within these shorts, precious tourmaline minerals are ingeniously incorporated to harness acupressure, stimulating the muscles in the abdomen and hips, enhancing blood circulation, and inducing a state of relaxation. The design is skillfully crafted to offer a sleek and sculpted appearance from all perspectives. Furthermore, it boasts a skin-friendly and breathable fabric that is four times lighter than typical shorts, yet delivers a body-shaping impact that is tenfold more effective, promising the possibility of achieving an ideal body contour virtually overnight!

Burn fat, detoxify and sculpt your body quickly

With our Ricpind IONSlim BodyLifting Shapewear, you can reach your weight loss goals, even without consistent exercise or a strictly balanced diet. By harnessing 80% of the power of far infrared therapy, these shorts aid in realizing your desired weight. They work to boost metabolism, rid the body of toxins, and reduce the buildup of cellulite and edema. Moreover, they facilitate rapid body shaping, waist and stomach tightening, and accentuation of fuller hips.

What makes Ricpind IONSlim BodyLifting Shapewear the perfect solution?

  • Minimize internal waste and surplus fat for weight loss
  • Speed up metabolism, address lymphatic issues (like lymphedema and lipoma)
  • Markedly enhance overall blood circulation
  • Contour and refine the waist and hips
  • Alleviate physical exhaustion and chronic inflammation
  • Foster resistance to cancer cells and bolster the immune system
  • Enhance digestive functionality


At RICPIND, we welcome you to a world of a healthier lifestyle. Crafted with precision, the Ricpind IONSlim BodyLifting Shapewear not only addresses discomfort but also provides a valuable fat loss benefit. By utilizing advanced far infrared theraphy, it delivers precise and fast metabolism, guaranteeing a safe and effective path to improved weight loss.


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