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RICPIND HeatWave Mini Kinetic Heater

RICPIND HeatWave Mini Kinetic Heater

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RICPIND HeatWave Mini Kinetic Heater

RICPIND HeatWave Mini Kinetic Heater

Regular price $24.97
Regular price $24.97 Sale price
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Experience the portable warmth of the RICPIND HeatWave Mini Kinetic Heater – your ultimate solution for cozy comfort on the go.

With thousands of verified 5-star reviews and scientific proofs, what is it so special about this product that has people celebrating?

Let us see how our customers’ life has been change with RICPIND HeatWave Mini Kinetic Heater

AOK Rooftop Snow & Ice Removal Services

"I've been pleasantly surprised by this heater's efficiency! Beyond its warming capabilities, its role as a pest deterrent has been a game-changer. I've noticed a significant decline in unwelcome visitors since incorporating it into my space, elevating the overall comfort and peace of mind in my surroundings." -González Sánchez 

"This heater has truly impressed me! Its ability to repel pests has been an unexpected yet fantastic bonus. It's reassuring to have a device that not only heats my space effectively but also contributes to a pest-free environment, enhancing the overall coziness and tranquility of my home." -Aira Ventura

Revealed: The newest device to keep your home warm and prevent snow from accumulating on the outside of your vehicles, making it a must-have for the cold season.

Our RICPIND HeatWave Mini Kinetic Heater is the perfect choice for elevating your winter comfort. With state-of-the-art kinetic heating technology, a compact design, and integrated air purification, it provides a complete solution to keep you warm, maintain a fresh environment, and prevent frost on your vehicles. This heater is not only efficient and versatile but also prioritizes safety and energy conservation, ensuring your well-being during the cold season. 

The Secret to Preventing Homes and Cars from Getting Trapped in Ice and Snow: Latest NASA Research Discoveries

The temperature on the surface of Mars varies from -28.9°C to -62.2°C. In this harsh environment, the Mars exploration rover Perseverance could freeze at any time. But actually, it still works! This is due to the machine that NASA uses for space missions: the Molecular Kinetics Antifreeze Heating Device. This device ensures that the Mars exploration rover Perseverance is free of ice and snow in this extreme environment and does not freeze. Now, the aerospace technology used in the US Mars exploration rover "Perseverance" has overcome mass production problems and entered the civilian market. Committed to solving the problem of vehicles being affected by ice and snow in extreme environments in daily life.

How does Kinetic Heating works?

Kinetic heating increases molecular movement within a substance by adding energy, leading to temperature rise as molecules collide and generate heat. Its effectiveness varies with the material's molecular structure, with solids heating most efficiently. This fundamental concept underlies a wide range of heating methods and devices.

Key Functions of RICPIND HeatWave Mini Kinetic Heater

Efficient Heating:  The RICPIND HeatWave Mini Kinetic Heater uses advanced kinetic heating technology to generate heat quickly and efficiently.  Say goodbye to cold rooms and freezing vehicles.

Clean and Fresh Air:  Equipped with a built-in air purification system, this heater not only warms your room but also ensures that the air you breathe is clean and fresh.  Say goodbye to stuffy, stagnant air.

MULTI-PURPOSE: Use it in your home to warm up bedrooms, offices or even garages.  Additionally, it can be strategically placed outside your vehicle to prevent snow and ice from forming and save you valuable time on chilly mornings.

Energy Efficient:  Designed with energy efficiency in mind, this heater will not put a strain on your power supply.  Enjoy warmth without having to worry about high energy costs.

Designed with Kinetic Heating

The RICPIND HeatWave Mini Kinetic Heater utilizes the principles of kinetic heating. It effectively draws in cold air through a powerful fan and directs it over a heating element, causing rapid warming. This process generates a consistent flow of warm air, which circulates within your living spaces or can be used to prevent the formation of snow and ice on your vehicles. The kinetic heating mechanism ensures speedy and efficient heating, making it an excellent choice for rapidly increasing room temperatures or safeguarding vehicles from wintry conditions.

  • No side effects, No allergies
  • Safe to use! 
  • warmth within 500-800 square feet

Pest Repellant Solution!

The RICPIND HeatWave Mini Kinetic Heater is designed to serve as both a heater and a highly efficient pest deterrent. Through its strategic heat emission, this intelligently crafted device creates an unwelcoming environment for pests, ensuring your space remains comfortable and free from unwanted intruders. Experience warmth and a pest-free atmosphere, thanks to its innovative dual functionality.

Check out our happy customer's review  

“This versatile heater has found its way into my daily life, especially in cold and chilly weather. One of their main jobs is to warm up my bedroom, and they do it with impressive efficiency!” -Callie T. --- New York City, New York

“Not only does it remove snow from your windshields, but it also keeps my car nice and warm when temperatures drop. This means that I am always cozy and cozy inside my vehicle, no matter how cold it is outside. I love it!" -Greg S. --- Toronto, Canada

What Makes the RICPIND HeatWave Mini Kinetic Heater Special?

  • Exceptional warmth during the winter season.
  • Suitable for various settings, including vehicles, living rooms, and bathrooms.
  • Maintains a clean atmosphere
  • Delivers fast and effective heating.
  • Low Energy Maintenance


At RICPIND, our foremost priority is your well-being. Grounded in our dedication to holistic product, the RICPIND HeatWave Mini Kinetic Heater provides the benefit of unparalleled winter comfort with its rapid and efficient heating, ensuring a fresh environment and high energy efficiency, ultimately keeping you warm and reducing energy costs.


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