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Ricpind HandyDip and Go Pipe

Ricpind HandyDip and Go Pipe

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Experience unmatched convenience with the Ricpind HandyDip and Go Pipe – your everyday essential reimagined. Elevate your on-the-go lifestyle with effortless portability and premium design.

 "The Ricpind HandyDip and Go Pipe has truly transformed how I enjoy my favorite moments. Its sleek design and effortless portability have become an essential part of my on-the-go lifestyle, ensuring that I never miss a beat. The durable build and seamless loading mechanism are testaments to its quality, making every session a pleasure. This pipe has redefined convenience, and I wouldn't trade it for anything else!"  Lisa W. 

What makes the Ricpind HandyDip and Go Pipe an indispensable item?

Elevate Your On-the-Go Moments with the Ricpind HandyDip and Go Pipe – Your Ultimate Portable Partner for Unmatched Convenience and Quality! Designed for those who crave seamless experiences, its sleek and lightweight profile ensures unrestricted enjoyment wherever you are. Crafted from premium, durable metal, this pipe is built to last, promising enduring excellence. With its versatile nature, it effortlessly adapts to various materials, providing a smooth transition. Experience the future of effortless loading and cleaning with its innovative spring-loaded mechanism. Join the league of discerning individuals seeking unparalleled excellence – the Ricpind HandyDip and Go Pipe redefines portable perfection.

Learn how to utilize the Ricpind HandyDip and Go Pipe effectively.

Discover the ingenious functionality of the Ricpind HandyDip and Go Pipe. This innovative pipe redefines convenience with its user-friendly design. Simply load your preferred material into the chamber, and the spring-loaded mechanism takes care of the rest. With a swift press, the material is evenly distributed, allowing for a smooth and enjoyable experience. Cleaning is a breeze too – just a few simple steps and you're ready for the next session. Elevate your lifestyle with this seamless and efficient way to indulge in your favorite moments.

How convenient Ricpind HandyDip and Go Pipe is?

Measuring at 3 inches, these metal one hitter come with a built-in self-cleaning spring mechanism that expels ash from the bowl, offering a hassle-free solution to daily pipe cleaning. Designed to fit snugly within our 4-inch dugouts or function effectively as standalone pipes, these provide convenience and versatility.

Here are the other happy customers’ review:

“The Ricpind HandyDip and Go Pipe is my new favorite companion. Emily here! The metal feels strong, and I love how easy it is to carry around. The little spring thingy inside is super smart – no more mess when I'm done. It's like my discreet sidekick for good times.” Emily

self cleaning one hitter

“The Ricpind HandyDip and Go Pipe is a game changer. The metal is cool and tough. I can slip it in my pocket, and the spring thing makes cleanup a no-brainer. It's like a stealthy hero for my chill moments.” Alex

Ricpind HandyDip and Go Pipe has three main features:

  1. Made of Anodized Aluminum

Crafted from anodized aluminum, this product boasts robustness and longevity, ensuring reliable performance over time.

  1. Pocket-safe

Designed to be pocket-safe, its compact nature guarantees both convenience and discretion, making it suitable for on-the-go usage.

  1. Spring-loaded Plunger

 The ingeniously integrated spring-loaded plunger significantly simplifies the process of disposing of used flower, eliminating the necessity of a separate scraper tool.


  • Composition: Metal
  • Color: Black, Grey, Silver, Rose gold
  • Dimensions: Approximately 82x8mm

Package included:

  • 1* Ricpind HandyDip and Go Pipe



At Ricpind, our commitment lies in delivering top-quality products to our customers. The inception of the Ricpind HandyDip and Go Pipe stems from our dedication to offering a discreet and convenient consumption solution. This innovative product exemplifies our unwavering focus on enhancing user experiences.


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