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Ricpind EMSVibration PostureTrainer IntelligentDevice

Ricpind EMSVibration PostureTrainer IntelligentDevice

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Ricpind EMSVibration PostureTrainer IntelligentDevice

Ricpind EMSVibration PostureTrainer IntelligentDevice

Regular price $29.97
Regular price $29.97 Sale price
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Get your back, neck, and spine support with this Ricpind EMSVibration PostureTrainer IntelligentDevice! It will remind you to sit or stand straight up with gentle vibrations when you begin to slouch.

Let’s take a look at our happy customers.

before and after posture correction client Z

“The Ricpind EMSVibration PostureTrainer IntelligentDevice is a wonderful product that has helped me improve my posture. I use it every day for at least four hours and I have seen incredible results. This device uses micro-current technology to help the body to realign itself into proper form! I love this product and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their posture!”—Kelsea Perri—Houston, Texas

Posture Correction Example of Client DA

“I have been wearing the Ricpind EMSVibration PostureTrainer IntelligentDevice for about a month now, and I can tell you from experience that it works! I no longer slouch. It has also helped me stand up straighter, and my shirt stays tucked in my pants instead of coming untucked throughout the day. I really love this device and would recommend it to anybody who wants help standing or sitting up straight.”—Anthony Johnson—Lexington, Kentucky

What are the causes of poor posture?

x-ray-of-bad-posture-2 -

Poor posture is positioning yourself in an unnatural way that places additional strain on your muscles and ligaments.  For example, when you slump in front of the computer, you may feel relaxed at first, but your shoulders will be hunched over and your neck will be stooped.  If you stay in this position for too long, you may begin to experience a sore neck, lower back pain, and tense shoulder muscles. If you have certain muscles that are much stronger or much weaker than others, it can encourage poor posture.  For example, if your abdominal muscles are weak from insufficient exercise, you may rely on back muscles for stability, leading to back pain.  The solution to this common problem is a robust exercise regime that works out all of the major muscle groups.

Posture: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly - ActivAided

Good posture crucial in maintaining spinal health - The Korea Times

What is EMS?

L&L Skin HONO EMSculpt Body Tightening & Breast Massager

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) involves delivering small, low-voltage electrical impulses to a muscle via electrodes placed on the skin, in order to cause the muscle to contract. EMS creates steady electric impulses that stimulate muscle contractions--many of them over a sustained therapy session. This repetitive contracting and relaxing of the muscle have the effect of Increasing circulation (blood flow) to the affected tissue area, which aids in repair. EMS goes beyond the skin to deliver unique waves for a more comfortable sensation than traditional devices.


How does EMS help to correct posture?

EMS could result in a reduced forward body tilt and reduced spinal column curvatures, thus having a posture-improving effect. Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a popular treatment for back pain, neck pain, muscle tightness, and muscle spasms. One of the core benefits of EMS training is better posture. A scientific study in 2017 found that posture and core muscle strength improved significantly after just eight weeks of EMS training. EMS training has a well-documented ability to reach the deeper muscles responsible for your posture. EMS helps strengthen the areas important for good posture like your back muscles, abdominal muscles, and neck muscles.


Results From Wearing A Posture Correcting Brace For 48 Hours R/Posture |

Ricpind EMSVibration PostureTrainer IntelligentDevice was Clinically proven

Cristina Rodriguez - Intel

Dr. Christina Rodriguez, PT, DPT, OCS agrees that the Ricpind EMS Intelligent PostureTrainer Device offers instant pain relief and can train your body to maintain proper posture on its own. When combined with postural exercise, the device works best. Building on proprioceptive senses, allows us to have a keener awareness of what good posture feels like and what we need to do to achieve it. If I start to slouch, the posture corrector will let me know I’m in the wrong position so I can pull my shoulders back or tuck my lower back in,” Rodriguez says. Ideally, eventually, this correction will become second nature.

Your Ultimate Posture Correction Solution

Ricpind EMS Intelligent PostureTrainer Device is designed to promote the natural posture of the human body through muscle stimulation. The device is made of high-quality fabric that fits the human body curve and is skin-friendly and comfortable, allowing you to train your posture while remaining comfortable. Simple button design and integrated design make it easy to use in any position, while 360° surround posture correction ensures that every part of your body is adequately stimulated. 

Alerts you when your posture needs adjusting and monitors your progress.

If you always feel tired and have backache and neck pain, then Ricpind EMSVibration PostureTrainer IntelligentDevice is the best choice for you. With the integrated intelligent posture trainer device, it will vibrate to remind you when you are in a bad posture by emitting low-frequency sound wave signals. If you wear our posture corrector for a period of time, you will develop the habit of straightening your back and gaining muscle memory.

Posture Reminder

Ricpind EMSVibration PostureTrainer IntelligentDevice is an intelligent device used to remind you should straighten your back; it will vibrate to remind the user every time the back is bent over 25 degrees. With its high-quality material and intelligent design, Ricpind EMSVibration PostureTrainer IntelligentDevice is durable, safe, and effective. It fits everyone who needs physical therapy or medical treatment.

Upright Go 2 Review Posture trainer Experiment Ryan Before and After Seated

Upright Go 2 Review Posture Corrector Experiment Alex Before and After Seated

Suitable for kids and adults

The Ricpind EMSVibration PostureTrainer IntelligentDevice is a posture training device for kids and adults who needs to correct their posture. The device uses the latest vibration and electrophysical stimulation to stimulate muscles, balance muscle strength and improve flexibility in your back that helps with posture.

Relieve upper back pain

Ricpind EMSVibration PostureTrainer IntelligentDevice helps correct poor posture and relieve pain caused by muscle stiffness and tension. The vibration actuator is designed to massage your back and spine, which can help improve both posture and flexibility. It can also help reduce the risk of injuries, especially back injuries associated with an unhealthy posture.

Unique features of Ricpind EMSVibration PostureTrainer IntelligentDevice

  • Form the correct seating posture and prevent short-sightedness.
  • Force the shoulder to be extended fully.
  • Eliminates back, and shoulder pain and muscle stress
  • Encourage posture-strengthening muscles growth independently
  • Help re-train your musculature
  • Help prevent forward bending, slouching, and rounded shoulders
  • Effortlessly maintain an upright position
  • Reminds you when you are not in a good posture
  • Develop the habit of straightening your back and gain muscle memory 

Christian Robertson’s Journey with our Ricpind EMSVibration PostureTrainer IntelligentDevice


“I've been sitting at my computer for too long, and my back has started to ache. I found this product online and started using it, and on the first day, I could see a difference on my back—it was no longer curved! It's starting to straighten up now.”


“I am beginning to notice a difference in my back after just one month of doing these exercises. I have noticed a little more curve around my upper back and shoulder, but I am very happy with the results so far.”


“I was impressed at how well the Ricpind EMSVibration PostureTrainer IntelligentDevice corrected my poor posture and made me firm without causing too much curve in my spine. Using it consistently, within eight weeks I could see a difference.”



  • USB charging (Battery capacity: 200mAh)
  • Charging interface: Type-C interface
  • Rate input: 5V/1A
  • Working hours: of battery life, equipped with 2 hours per day


At Ricpind, we know that good health is vital to feeling good. We've developed our scientifically-crafted products to deliver proven results for the relief you need.



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