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RICPIND ButtUp Cellu MicroCurrent Conductive Device

RICPIND ButtUp Cellu MicroCurrent Conductive Device

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RICPIND ButtUp Cellu MicroCurrent Conductive Device

RICPIND ButtUp Cellu MicroCurrent Conductive Device

Regular price $24.97
Regular price $24.97 Sale price
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Elevate your curves with RICPIND ButtUp Cellu MicroCurrent Conductive Device– where innovation meets sculpting perfection for a smoother, lifted you



Kayla Itsines BBG Butt Before and Afters | POPSUGAR Fitness

"After sitting at my desk all day, my confidence was low due to my flat and untoned butt. I felt self-conscious in bikinis and sexy clothes, thinking I had nothing to show. But since discovering the RICPIND ButtUp Cellu MicroCurrent Conductive Device, everything has changed! This amazing device has not only relaxed my muscles but also eliminated the need for strenuous exercise. Now, my butt is bigger and firmer, and I feel confident and sexy in whatever I wear. Thank you, RICPIND, for transforming my body and boosting my confidence!" —Precious Johnson, 34, Elizabethtown, Kentucky


"I was drawn to this product after seeing impressive before-and-after photos showcasing cellulite reduction. Just two days into using it, and I'm already witnessing results—truly impressive. I find it most effective when applied to slightly damp skin, both before and after my shower. While the stimulating sensation can be intense, I genuinely wish more people could experience its benefits. Overall, I'm delighted with my purchase." — Emma, London


How does Microcurrent therapy help?

Microcurrent therapy is an ideal solution, particularly for targeting the hips. Designed to enhance the hip line, alleviate pressure, and lift the hip muscles, this innovative technique contributes to both tightness and muscle shaping, all while preserving the natural curves of the body. By sending signals directly to the muscles, microcurrent therapy, combined with EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), aids in regulating, tightening, and firming the buttocks, actively shaping the curves of the hips and assisting in achieving the desired body contours.


MD Recommended

Dr. Andrea Smith, a respected medical professional, explains. "By delivering gentle electrical currents, it stimulates facial muscles, potentially reducing visible signs of aging. It also may enhance blood circulation, contributing to overall skin well-being."

Impressed by the effectiveness of microcurrent therapy. In her testimonial, she emphasizes the ring's innovative approach to Microcurrent therapy, noting its potential to contribute to muscle toning, skin tightening, and overall well-being. 



Achieve firmer, smoother, and fuller hips effortlessly

The RICPIND ButtUp Cellu MicroCurrent Conductive Device is your key to sculpting the hips and buttocks you've always desired, providing toning and firming effects. Featuring a U-shaped design tailored for the hips, this butt and thigh lift kit transforms a flat, saggy back into a round, firm, and bikini-ready shape. Lightweight and compact, it eliminates the need for strenuous exercise, making buttock shaping easy and convenient.


Firm and Powerful Glutes

Strong glutes play a crucial role in maintaining proper pelvic alignment, facilitating effective propulsion during walking and running, and providing stability when standing on one leg. Factors such as sedentary jobs and extended periods of sitting can lead to a flat butt, while the natural aging process may contribute to a loss of shape due to decreased fat in the buttocks.

RICPIND ButtUp Cellu MicroCurrent Conductive Device is the most innovative solution for achieving stronger and firmer glutes. This device utilizes microcurrent technology to stimulate and tone the muscles in the buttocks, promoting increased strength and firmness. By incorporating this advanced technology into your fitness routine, you can enjoy a targeted and effective approach to sculpting and enhancing the appearance of your glutes.


Ultimate Buttocks Transformation

Diminishes the visibility of cellulite while hindering its development, effectively minimizing hip fat, sagging, melanin, and hemorrhoids. Enhances skin firmness, bestowing a healthy and youthful appearance to the buttocks. As an exceptional alternative for a natural butt lifter, it works wonders for both sculpting flat buttocks and promoting buttock enlargement.


Positive effects on blood vessels

Experience a transformative solution with this device, offering a breakthrough incontinence solution. Benefit from its remarkable ability to address and eliminate incontinence problems, promoting enhanced pelvic health and overall well-being. Additionally, enjoy the positive effects on blood vessels, contributing to improved circulation and a healthier vascular system.


Cheska's report on 4 weeks of RICPIND ButtUp Cellu MicroCurrent Conductive Device


Week 1

"At first, my confidence took a hit because my buttocks were flat, making me hesitant about rocking a bikini. Gym workouts felt intimidating, and home exercises weren't cutting it. Feeling hopeless, a friend suggested the RICPIND ButtUp Cellu MicroCurrent Conductive Device, boasting about how it gave her a bigger buttock in just 2 weeks – I was sold!"



Week 3

"After using the RICPIND ButtUp Cellu MicroCurrent Conductive Device for 3 weeks, my buttock is noticeably bigger and firmer. I can actually feel the shape when I touch it. It's incredible that a product can naturally tone your buttocks without resorting to surgeries, plastics, or injections."



Week 4

"I'm thrilled with the results after just a month – my dream of having big, tight glutes has come true. The RICPIND ButtUp Cellu MicroCurrent Conductive Device not only helped achieve my physical goals but also serves as a great stress-reliever after a tough day. Overall, I feel light, happy, and satisfied. Thank you so much – highly recommend this product!" -Cheska Farmer — Detroit, Michigan


What makes RICPIND ButtUp Cellu MicroCurrent Conductive Device special?

  • Electronic Muscle Stimulation
  • Activate the hip and glute muscles
  • They aid in shaping and tightening your hips and buttocks
  • Easy to carry, light, slim, and comfortable
  • Has a U-shaped design
  • Activate the nerves in their concentrated areas
  • They send a signal straight to the muscles, encouraging muscle movement



At RICPIND, we pride ourselves on providing products that not only elevate comfort and style but also enhance your everyday experiences. RICPIND ButtUp Cellu MicroCurrent Conductive Device is an innovative tool designed to target and tone your glute muscles effectively. With its advanced microcurrent technology, it provides a convenient and efficient way to enhance muscle movement, promoting a firmer and more sculpted buttocks.



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