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Ricpind AI Instant SnoringReduction Vibrating Stopper

Ricpind AI Instant SnoringReduction Vibrating Stopper

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Ricpind AI Instant SnoringReduction Vibrating Stopper

Ricpind AI Instant SnoringReduction Vibrating Stopper

Regular price $24.97
Regular price $24.97 Sale price
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Introducing the Ricpind AI Instant Snoring Reduction Vibrating Stopper, a revolutionary solution designed to help you and your loved ones enjoy peaceful nights of uninterrupted sleep. Say goodbye to snoring and hello to restful slumber with this cutting-edge device that harnesses AI technology for instant and effective snore reduction.


Say goodbye to snoring! Experience improved sleep, easy breathing and a healthier lifestyle.

"I experienced breathing difficulties and woke up frequently throughout the night due to my snoring. Because of the poor quality of my nighttime sleep, my daytime condition was deteriorating, making it challenging to concentrate, and my memory was also affected. What's even worse, there was one occasion when I unintentionally fell asleep while driving, almost causing a car accident! My family doctor recommended the Ricpind AI Instant SnoringReduction Vibrating Stopper to me, and I immediately noticed its effectiveness! It helped me improve my sleep quality, eliminating breathing difficulties and nighttime sweating. I became more alert during the day, and my work performance significantly improved."--- Martin Robertson

"I often woke not only myself up when I slept, but also made it difficult for my husband to sleep in the middle of the night. I had tried various methods of stopping snoring but they either didn't work or were uncomfortable to wear at night. After seeing this product in a medical magazine, I decided to give this product a try and the results were really quite surprising! They are so easy to use and so comfortable to wear that I hardly notice I'm wearing them. My husband says he can hardly hear me snoring now!"--- Sarah Pattinson

Designed to prevent Obstructive Sleep Apnea

This device uses smart sensors and special vibrations to help with a sleep problem called Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). It watches your breathing and gives gentle muscle stimulation when needed, without using drugs or surgery. This helps reduce snoring, makes breathing better, and can greatly improve how well you sleep, especially if you have OSA.

Factors that prevent people from getting a good night's sleep

Snoring is often connected to a condition called Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). OSA happens when your throat and upper airway tissues relax during sleep, blocking your air passage and causing breathing interruptions. This can disrupt your sleep quality, make you feel tired during the day, and raise your chances of heart problems.

In OSA, you usually snore loudly, and then your breathing can partially or completely stop, leading to shallow sleep and distinct snoring sounds or gasping that may wake you up. This pattern can repeat several times throughout the night, with at least five instances of slowed or stopped breathing per hour. 

What are the causes of snoring?

Snoring is the noisy sound that occurs when air passes through relaxed tissues in the throat, causing them to vibrate during breathing. It's a common occurrence for almost everyone on occasion, but for some individuals, it can become a persistent issue. In certain cases, snoring may also be a potential indicator of a significant underlying health concern. Moreover, snoring can be bothersome for your sleep partner. 


How Ricpind AI Instant SnoringReduction Vibrating Stopper works?

The process of using the anti-snoring device is both comfortable and secure, thanks to its ear-mounted design that ensures it remains in place without causing discomfort. When the user begins to snore, the device's built-in sound recognition technology activates. In response, the device emits gentle vibrations, massaging the throat muscles to stop or reduce snoring, ultimately promoting a quieter and more restful sleep environment.

Intelligent Adjustment (AI smart algorithm)

This technology boasts an exclusive AI smart algorithm that constantly tracks changes in your breathing pattern, making real-time adjustments to the massage for maximum effectiveness. This innovative feature not only enhances your overall comfort but also ensures that the massage is perfectly synchronized with your breathing variations, providing a personalized experience. By automatically adapting to your unique needs, it guarantees an optimal and soothing massage experience.

Improve Sleep Disorders Caused by Nasal Congestion

The Ricpind AI Instant Snoring Reduction Vibrating Stopper gently opens up your nasal passages, making it easier to breathe, reducing snoring, and even helping with a deviated nasal septum. It's a fantastic tool to ensure a better night's sleep, leaving you feeling refreshed and full of energy when you wake up. This device is designed to improve airflow, relieve nasal congestion, and reduce snoring, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their sleep quality. Experience a more restful night and wake up with renewed vitality using this innovative breathing aid!

Advanced Sensing Technology and Innovative Vibrating Pulse Technology 

When snoring reaches over 60 decibels, this product switches from sleep mode to active mode. It then uses gentle vibrations at different frequencies to stimulate the muscles in the throat and upper jaw, preventing tissue from relaxing, and improving airflow. This helps alleviate sleep apnea (OSA) and enhances the overall quality of sleep. 

Snoring Solution

Snoring is often caused by relaxed throat muscles that partially obstruct airflow. This anti-snoring devices work by relaxing the jaw to open the airway. Before using these devices, laryngeal muscles are lax, leading to noise due to restricted airflow. After just one hour of use, low-frequency pulses enhance laryngeal muscle tone, promoting smoother airflow and effectively eliminating snoring. 

Here are some of our satisfied customers!


"I live in a boarding school, and I apologize for constantly snoring at night, which has been disturbing my roommate's sleep. My roommate recommended this product to me, and I've been using the Ricpind AI Instant SnoringReduction Vibrating Stopper for about a week now, and I've noticed significant results. This method is very straightforward. Typically, I put it on before going to sleep. The first night I used this product, it felt very comfortable, almost like I wasn't wearing anything at all. It no longer disrupts my roommate, making my sleep experience very pleasant!"--- Jimmy Shepperd


“My wife and I have been married for many years, but my snoring problem has always been a nightmare for us at night. We had to sleep separately. However, luckily, I found this amazing product that really changed our lives and my snoring problem has completely disappeared! This product has really changed our lifestyle and made us happier and healthier” --Daniel Wilson 

Ricpind AI Instant SnoringReduction Vibrating Stopper and its Main Features:

  • The device stimulates throat and maxillary muscles.
  • It prevents tissue relaxation effectively.
  • This helps in reducing the narrowing of the airway.
  • It improves breathing during sleep.
  • Ultimately, it enhances sleep quality.
  • It effectively reduces snoring.


How to Use:

  1. Press and hold for two seconds to power on
  2. Place the device under your chin and hang the cord over both ears.
  3. Electric pulse for silent slumber, and snore-free wonder



At RICPIND, we welcome you to a world of relaxing sleep. Our product, Ricpind AI Instant Snoring Reduction Vibrating Stopper, offers a revolutionary solution to combat snoring. Using advanced technology, it stimulates throat and maxillary muscles, preventing tissue relaxation, reducing airway narrowing, and ultimately improving breathing during sleep, leading to a quieter night and enhanced sleep quality.



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