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Ricpind AcuSlimming TourmalineHealth Socks

Ricpind AcuSlimming TourmalineHealth Socks

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Ricpind AcuSlimming TourmalineHealth Socks

Ricpind AcuSlimming TourmalineHealth Socks

Regular price $22.97
Regular price $22.97 Sale price
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With their unique tourmaline technology, Ricpind AcuSlimming TourmalineHealth Socks have been clinically proven to increase your metabolism by up to 30%. Now you can get a slimmer body with better health.

“I needed to lose weight but I didn't want to take any pills or bad-tasting drinks. So, I decided to order the product and give it a try. After I got the package and followed their instructions, I started to feel the result after 2 weeks. They are very effective in weight loss; you should give them a try if you want to feel confident about the way you look! I am very happy with my purchase!”—Angela Johnson
This Plan Helped One Woman Deal With PCOS Weight Gain

“I'm not one to write a review, but this product has changed my life so much that I had to. It's incredible. I have lost 8 pounds in the last 2 weeks, and it's all thanks to these Ricpind AcuSlimming TourmalineHealth Socks. I wear them whenever I'm watching TV, or whenever I'm on my laptop. I feel more confident, and more positive about myself now.”—Ella Robertson

Importance of acupuncture for body detoxification and weight loss.

3 Massages for Pressure points on feet

By relieving tension and regulating the immune response of the body, acupuncture for weight loss can lower your levels of oxidative stress and optimize your body to shed excess pounds. It helps to balance the body's vital energy (Qi) and blood flow, promotes the reabsorption of fat cells, and reduces the deposition of body fat. It can help boost immune functions, improve joint mobility and flexibility, stimulate blood circulation and metabolism in the body, etc.

The Ricpind AcuSlimming TourmalineHealth Socks is the first product in a series that uses tourmaline to boost metabolism and control weight. Although this product is designed specifically for weight management, it also has many other benefits that can improve health. We’ve used acupuncture points on the soles of the feet to stimulate metabolism and control nutrition, making these socks an excellent choice for those who want to lose weight comfortably, effectively, and naturally.

How do Ricpind AcuSlimming TourmalineHealth Socks work?

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The Ricpind AcuSlimming TourmalineHealth Socks are designed to promote blood flow, relieve swelling, and reduce pain in your legs or ankles. It also helps promote muscle recovery in your feet, including your arch and heel support. These socks aid in burning calories, and reducing stress and inflammation, while improving overall well-being. These socks include tourmaline properties that target natural acupressure points and release negative ions, which emit infrared waves that transmit heat deep into the body--forcing the body to burn more calories.

Ricpind AcuSlimming TourmalineHealth Socks are the perfect way to warm your feet and enjoy the relaxing benefits of tourmaline energy. Our socks release far infrared rays which help stimulate blood circulation and aid in weight loss. Not only will your feet feel more relaxed and warmer, but our special wool-blend material will also improve the look of your legs and ankles by slimming down thick ankles.

Ricpind AcuSlimming TourmalineHealth Socks is a revolutionary slimming product that helps you lose weight and get slim legs. It stimulates more than 2,800 reflexology points on your feet. Also reminds you to walk or exercise more often by massaging the stress points, relieving the pain of plantar fasciitis or just tired, stressed feet. It improves blood circulation and metabolism. Restore perfect leg shape overnight!

3 Key Benefits of Ricpind AcuSlimming TourmalineHealth Socks

  1. appetite control
  2. Prevents the accumulation of fats
  3. Controls metabolism

Appetite Control: With the power of Tourmaline, AcuSlimming socks are designed to help you lose weight without feeling hungry or deprived. They will help control your appetite and naturally speed up your metabolism. Wear them while you sleep to burn fat while you rest!

Prevents Fat Accumulation: These socks have tourmaline ion treatment and acupoint massage. It helps prevent fat accumulation by absorbing it from the body's surface and reducing fat storage.

Controls Metabolism: The Ricpind AcuSlimming TourmalineHealth Socks will help you control your metabolism, which in turn helps you burn more fat and lose weight faster. It also reduces sugar and carb cravings, so you’re less likely to eat junk food as you progress toward your weight loss goals.

What makes Ricpind AcuSlimming TourmalineHealth Socks special:

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Quick relief to swollen and heavy legs, ankles, and feet
  • Improve venous tones by improving blood flow
  • It contains antioxidants
  • Proven acupressure and foot reflex zone therapy
  • Accelerate metabolism and improve digestion
  • Tourmaline Infrared Benefits
  • Help protects against cellular damage
  • It helps hydrate and soothes the skin to maintain healthier skin
  • It has a natural detoxifying and firming effect
  • Helps plump and firm skin.

Kristen’s 12 days journey of using our product.

“I was skeptical at first, but the more research I did, the more confident I became that this would work and do what it said it would do. After just two weeks of using these socks, my legs are so much less swollen and less puffy.”

“I have been wearing the Ricpind AcuSlimming TourmalineHealth Sockss for two weeks and I feel like a new person. Before I started wearing the socks, I was feeling bloated all the time, especially in my stomach area, and it was noticeable even at the beach.”

“I tried Ricpind AcuSlimming TourmalineHealth Socks and loved the way they made my tummy feel. My belly was free from the retained fluid that makes it swell, and my shape was lifted in such a way that it looks great in clothes. I was able to reach my weight loss goal without straining my entire body from hard workouts in the gym, which freed up more time for family activities.”


Package include :
1 pair x Ricpind AcuSlimming TourmalineHealth Socks
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