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Ricpind 360Degree Portable ClipOn AirCooler

Ricpind 360Degree Portable ClipOn AirCooler

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It's hot outside, but you don't need to turn on the AC. Get the Ricpind 360Degree Portable ClipOn AirCooler and fight back against the heat! Cool yourself and your room with this portable air conditioner. 

USB power supply makes it easy for you to use it unlimitedly

The Ricpind 360Degree Portable ClipOn AirCooler is a portable battery-powered fan. It gives off a refreshing breeze and makes sure you’re not too hot. The fan has a 3-speed switch to choose from, so you can customize the airspeed even more according to your needs. This Ricpind 360Degree Portable ClipOn AirCooler is easy to use and does not take up much space, it’s perfect for travel or camping!

Foldable three-speed fan

The Ricpind 360Degree Portable ClipOn AirCooler can be set in no fewer than three speeds. If you want a gentle breeze, choose speed. If you want to feel a gentle breeze but still have a bit more cooling, choose speed. The most powerful wind speed is speed 3 so pick your desired cooling level and enjoy the experience.

Rotate 360 degrees

The Ricpind 360Degree Portable ClipOn AirCooler is a handy side effect of the mini fan. You can rotate it 360 degrees until it blows exactly the right way. Choose whether you want cool air in your face or perhaps just one on your upper or lower body.

Clip-on design

It can clip onto almost any surface. You can place it on your desk or table, but it can also be clicked into place by means of a clamp. This can be very useful if you don't have a stable surface. Snap it to the counter, your desk, a shelf, or anywhere else, place it where you want, and enjoy instant cooling wherever you go.

No noise pollution

Ricpind 360Degree Portable ClipOn AirCooler is a lightweight, power-saving, environment-friendly, and convenient air cooler that can help you beat the heat. With a powerful cooling system and silent operation, it works quietly without disturbing your sleep or work. 

Highlights of Ricpind 360Degree Portable ClipOn AirCooler

  • Low db. enjoy a safe, cool summer large capability ultra-quiet fan is a new way The voice of the fallen leaves
  • The minimalist aesthetic design breaks the traditional inflexible style
  • The natural wind strong wind cool summer does not disturb sleep
  • Mini portable small is cool to walk there Small and portable, will carry the wind, cool summer Windy days
  • Cool at any time to enjoy small body big use, Strength, and soft comfortable wind, let the body more comfortable, enjoy this moment, transcending sensory experience, let the body and mind again return to the bosom of nature, Go where

Take a look at our happy customers.

“I've been using this Ricpind 360Degree Portable ClipOn AirCooler for about a week now. I like that it's portable, easy to clean, and really quiet. Has several different speeds, and the airflow direction can be easily adjusted from straight to angled. I use it at home and also at work in the office.”—Samantha Johnson—Queen, New York

“This Ricpind 360Degree Portable ClipOn AirCooler is just a breeze to use. I love how easy it is to move around; the battery lasts for quite some time. I also like that you can adjust the speeds, and once it goes back to low speed, it starts up again at high speed.”—Andrea Robertson—Phoenix, Arizona

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