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HotSweat WaistTrainer BodyShaper Leggings

HotSweat WaistTrainer BodyShaper Leggings

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We would like to congratulate our customers on their success with our HotSweat WaistTrainer BodyShaper Leggings as they submitted a photo of the result. Let’s take a look!


“I've been looking for leggings that fit my body type without breaking the bank. These are perfect. They're thick and high-waisted, they don't roll down, and they're completely comfortable. I don't understand some of the other reviews that state that they're thin. They're very thick! I am 5"3 230 pounds and these leggings fit all the way down to my ankles and have a high waist. I will definitely be buying several more pairs. I highly recommend these.”—Edna Williams—66, Seattle, Washington 

“I love these leggings! I work out regularly at the gym doing cardio, strength training, and yoga. The compression is firm but not too tight and the waistband stays put. These leggings are an excellent complement to my workout routine. Not only do they provide great support for my muscles, but they also flatter my figure in all the right places. They really hold everything in place so there's no see-through when I'm squatting or lunging. It's a good thing these leggings are so flattering because they've definitely generated some compliments from friends!”—Shenna Wilson—47, Brooklyn, New York 

How do HotSweat WaistTrainer BodyShaper Leggings work?

HotSweat WaistTrainer BodyShaper Leggings are designed to promote blood flow from your legs to your heart. They apply gentle pressure to your legs and ankles, reducing pain, swelling, and inflammation in your ankles.

They also expedite the plantar fasciitis healing process and improve muscle recovery in your ankle and feet. This sock aid in reducing lactic acid buildup, reducing inflammation & stress, and improving muscle recovery in your ankle and feet, including arch and heel support. They help broken, fractured, sore, or swollen ankles.

  • HotSweat WaistTrainer BodyShaper Leggings are great for weight loss. These hi-waisted slimming leggings body shapers can help you sweat like crazy and burn fat all over your body, including your waist and thighs. Our waist trainer compression leggings will give you a slimmer figure, but they won't rip on you during exercise as some other brands do.

  • HotSweat WaistTrainer BodyShaper Leggings are designed with an elastic high waist and adjustable waistband. These leggings are sure to give you a slimming and contouring effect, streamlining your shape! You will love the comfortable fit and smooth feel of our leggings once you put them on.

  • Our HotSweat WaistTrainer BodyShaper Leggings are a must-have for every female and look great with a tank top and sauna vest. These compression shaper leggings free movement when working out, doing yoga or running. Wear them around the house or at night for a walk.

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