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FirmControl Body Shaper Pants

FirmControl Body Shaper Pants

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We would like to congratulate our customers on their success with our FirmControl Body Shaper Pants as they submitted a photo of the result. Let’s take a look! It's undeniable that these photos prove that body shaping is an effective way to adjust your shape.

“I love these FirmControl Body Shaper Pants. They're exactly what I've been looking for: they have a wide enough waistband that they don't roll down, but not so wide that they look weird. The material is soft and thick enough to be warm in winter without being bulky, and the pattern is cute. I'm a size 32, and it's hard to find clothes that fit me—but these FirmControl Body Shaper Pants are great. Highly recommend!”—Melissa Williams—66, Seattle, Washington 

“I am 5'4" with a small pooch. I ordered a size L and the product fits great! It would fit even better if I were 5 months pregnant, but even without that extra weight, it's still pretty comfortable. It has plenty of pockets for your cell phone, keys, etc. I was worried that it would be too tight around the thighs, but it isn't too tight at all. While snug, it is not restricting nor uncomfortable in any way. Glad I chose this product and would recommend it.”—Samantha Wilson—47, Brooklyn, New York 

Do compression pants actually do anything? Let’s talk about how it works.

People today are more concerned than ever with their health and well-being. They are very careful about the amount of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats they consume daily. They also consider the effect these nutrients have on their overall health, positive or negative.

What about on the outside of your body? Wearing fitness clothing during a workout can help you enhance your performance. Advances in technology have produced fitness clothes that help improve your performance with little additional effort or training required.

  • Compression pants can help increase the amount of blood that flows back to the heart from the legs when you are working out.
  • Compression pants may give a boost to your proprioceptive function (which helps with your ability to balance).
  • After your workout is done, compression pants can help reduce inflammation and assist the lymphatic system to drain lactic acid built up from exercising.
  • Compression pants can be especially helpful for seniors or anyone experiencing swollen legs or ankles, nerve pain, or circulation issues.
  • Many health studies have proven that wearing compression pants can help reduce muscle soreness and fatigue both during and after workouts.
  • Apart from reducing muscle fatigue, compression pants also help reduce the risk of strains. 

How do FirmControl Body Shaper Pants work?

FirmControl Body Shaper Pants provide a custom-made fit, and a high waist designed to compress the tummy, hold it in and smooth the stomach. The exquisite sewing on the waistband edge with non-slip silicone strips prevents it from rolling down.

These FirmControl Body Shaper Pants give you a comfortable body-shaping experience and restore your slim legs. The control panty can instantly lift your butt, tighten the excess fat on your thighs, and give you the curves you want. They sculpt your body from your waist down to your tummy and thighs.  

What makes FirmControl Body Shaper Pants special:

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Improve venous tones by improving blood flow
  • It contains antioxidants
  • Help protects against cellular damage
  • It helps hydrate and soothes the skin to maintain healthier skin
  • Moisturizes your skin while helping aid in circulation
  • It has an effecting slimming and firming effect
  • Helps plump and firm skin.
  • Make your abdomen smooth and slim
  • Effectively sculpts your body from your waist down to your tummy and thighs

  Package : 1 x FirmControl Body Shaper Pants

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