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ATTDX LoveAddiction PheroChemistry WomenPerfume

ATTDX LoveAddiction PheroChemistry WomenPerfume

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ATTDX LoveAddiction PheroChemistry WomenPerfume

ATTDX LoveAddiction PheroChemistry WomenPerfume

Regular price $27.97
Regular price $27.97 Sale price
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Attract the partner with the right fragrance. Scented products are not only for attracting the partner but for making your presence memorable. Gently dab ATTDX LoveAddiction PheroChemistry WomenPerfume on pulse points and you'll be beautifully scented all day.

Capture his heart and the world's attention with the ATTDX LoveAddiction PheroChemistry WomenPerfume! With this exquisite perfume, you will emanate an irresistible passion and longing, an insatiable flame that sparks your enthusiasm and keeps you resilient. Don't delay any further. Visit now for your own bottle of this incredible perfume!

Pheromone perfume can make you more attractive to the partner. Our ATTDX LoveAddiction PheroChemistry WomenPerfume is proven to work, based on three independent surveys. It's engineered for women, but men can also use it to improve their dating success.

Let’s take a look at our satisfied customers’ testimonies who have tried our ATTDX LoveAddiction PheroChemistry WomenPerfume

Pin on Casal

“I've been looking for a product that can increase my attraction to men and I found the ATTDX LoveAddiction PheroChemistry WomenPerfume. First of all, it smells amazing. Secondly, my boyfriend loves the smell of me. Thirdly, it lasts a long time. Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with it.”—Donnalyn Anderson—Jacksonville, Florida 

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“I have been using ATTDX LoveAddiction PheroChemistry WomenPerfume for a couple of weeks now and I can honestly say that my husband is more affectionate towards me than he has been in a long time. I thought it was just my imagination at first, but after telling my girlfriends about it, they tried it as well, and they told me the same thing.”—Andrea Mitchell—Birmingham, Alabama

What are Pheromones?

Pheromones are similar to hormones but work outside of the body. They induce activity in other individuals, such as sexual arousal. The activity change during puberty suggests that humans communicate through odors. They are secreted outside the body, and they influence the behavior of another individual. This will take a brief look at pheromones and whether they can be found in humans.


Add the captivating and alluring scent of chemistry

ATTDX LoveAddiction PheroChemistry WomenPerfume are made with unique and innovative combinations allowing the hair to be pleasant for your partner to smell. Our pure perfume fragrances are not designed to compete with the natural fragrance of your hair. These complementary perfumes allow both you and your partner to enjoy the scent of your hair while feeling great and smelling wonderful.

Why is ATTDX LoveAddiction PheroChemistry WomenPerfume so powerful?

Using a uniquely crafted combination of fragrance and advanced ion binding techniques, ATTDX introduces the LoveAddiction PheroChemistry WomenPerfume. This reveals a distinctive aroma that interacts with your inherent hair scent or sweat, producing a captivating and charming perfume. The natural urge to inhale the fragrance of your hair as you embrace your partner could be associated with pheromones, as these inherent chemical signals greatly impact partner attraction and are frequently emitted from the scalp.

The ATTDX LoveAddiction PheroChemistry WomenPerfume contains a formula of potent aromas that enrich the way you understand the environment. This amazing concentrated elixir can be applied to your pulse points or simply be inhaled for a quick and effective method of celebration and learning. Through this, experience deeper bonds with both yourself and those around you.

Layers of Notes

Sophisticated and inviting, this ATTDX LoveAddiction PheroChemistry WomenPerfume is a symphony of scent. Its top layer opens like a sunlit morning, with a vibrant medley of fresh and invigorating notes that awaken the senses. As the journey deepens, the heart layer unfolds, revealing a harmonious blend of aromas that evoke the charm of a blossoming garden. Finally, the base layer leaves a lasting impression with its velvety richness, offering an elegant allure that lingers on the skin.

Top notes: Blue Campanula, lilac, orange blossom, lemon

The top notes burst forth with a lively bouquet of scents as if capturing the essence of a serene garden bathed in the morning sunlight. The initial spritz dances with the delightful presence of blue campanula, infusing a soft floral freshness that harmonizes with the lilac and orange blossom's gentle allure. A zesty twist of lemon adds citrusy brightness--invigorating the senses.

Middle notes: Persimmon, wild rose, jasmine, Lily of the Valley

In the heart of the perfume, a tapestry of deeper and more intricate notes begins to unfold. The richness of persimmon lends a warm and exotic touch, intermingling gracefully with the velvety sweetness of wild rose. Jasmine's alluring and sensual character weaves in its intoxicating essence as Lily of the Valley contributes a touch of innocence to the ensemble. Together, these middle notes create a lush experience that envelops you in floral elegance. 

Base notes: Musk

The final layer of the fragrance is built upon the foundation of musk, a timeless and enduring element that adds depth and sensuality. The musk serves as an anchor, gently intertwining with the floral notes that have come before, enhancing their nuances and adding a comforting warmth. This lingering musk foundation creates a harmonious blend that leaves a trail of subtle sophistication, inviting those around to catch the final whispers of this captivating perfume.



  • Ingredient: Blue Campanula, lilac, orange blossom, lemon,  Persimmon, wild rose, jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Musk

Package Included:

  • ATTDX LoveAddiction PheroChemistry WomenPerfume* 1 


At ATTDX, we know that proper hygiene is one of the most important that a person has. That’s why we created this perfume and help our customers attract the men they like or love.


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