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ATTDX Keratin Shine Hair Straightening Cream

ATTDX Keratin Shine Hair Straightening Cream

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ATTDX Keratin Shine Hair Straightening Cream

ATTDX Keratin Shine Hair Straightening Cream

Regular price $29.97
Regular price $29.97 Sale price
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Experience the ultimate hair transformation with ATTDX Keratin Shine Hair Straightening Cream, delivering sleek perfection for long-lasting salon-quality results

Keratin straightening stands as the premier choice for achieving sleek hair. This distinctive technology offers enduring curl smoothing and an inventive process suitable for all hair textures. With profound, molecular-level restoration, it accomplishes hair straightening without compromising its natural structure.


Check out our customers’ feedback

“Before, my hair was a nightmare to manage. It was frizzy, dull, and prone to tangling, making styling a daily struggle. I tried countless products that promised results but ended up disappointed every time, feeling like I was stuck in an endless cycle of bad hair days. After using ATTDX Keratin Shine Hair Straightening Cream, my hair has undergone a remarkable transformation. Not only is it smoother and more manageable, but it also radiates a healthy shine that I never thought possible. Styling has become effortless, and I finally feel confident in my hair every day.” -Andrea Jackson, 28, Austin, Texas

“I couldn't be happier with the results from ATTDX Keratin Shine Hair Straightening Cream! It has completely transformed my hair, leaving it sleek, shiny, and easy to manage. I finally feel confident and ready to take on the day with my fabulous hair!” -Catherine Rodriguez, 25, Miami, Florida


What causes hair damage?

Multiple factors contribute to hair damage, ranging from frequent heat styling such as blow drying and straightening, chemical treatments like coloring and perming, to the use of harsh hair care products, over-washing, exposure to UV radiation, environmental pollutants, and unhealthy dietary habits. These elements can deplete the hair's natural oils, disturb its protein composition, and diminish the integrity of the hair shaft, resulting in common issues like split ends, breakage, frizz, and an overall decline in hair health and appearance.


Does Argan Oil Help Protect Against Hair Loss?

According to the study reviewed by Dr. Cynthia Cobb, argan oil, rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, offers numerous benefits for hair health. It moisturizes and conditions hair, improves scalp health by combating inflammation, and prevents damage from styling and coloring, ultimately protecting against hair loss.

"Argan oil's rich composition of fatty acids and antioxidants nourishes the hair, promoting hydration and combating dryness and frizz. Its anti-inflammatory properties soothe the scalp, addressing conditions like dandruff and promoting a healthier environment for hair growth. Argan oil acts as a protective barrier, shielding hair from damage caused by heat styling, coloring, and environmental stressors."


How does ATTDX Keratin Shine Hair Straightening Cream help?

ATTDX Keratin Shine Hair Straightening Cream is thought to function by harnessing a formulation containing argan oil and other smoothing agents. Upon application, the argan oil molecules may bond to the hair's natural protein structure, aiding in the temporary smoothing of the hair shaft and reducing frizz. This process can lead to straighter and more manageable hair by filling in gaps in the hair cuticle and providing a protective barrier against humidity and environmental factors.


Consists of 5 key ingredients for ATTDX Keratin Shine Hair Straightening Cream

Argan Kernel Oil. Argan Kernel Oil helps repair and straighten hair by deeply moisturizing and nourishing the hair follicles, promoting elasticity and reducing breakage. Its rich vitamin E content helps strengthen the hair shaft and smooth frizz, resulting in smoother and more manageable hair.


Camellia Japonica Seed Oil. Camellia Japonica Seed Oil is known for its ability to penetrate the hair shaft, providing hydration and improving hair texture. It helps to repair damaged hair by sealing split ends, adding shine, and reducing breakage, resulting in softer, healthier-looking hair with improved manageability.


Meadowfoam Seed Oil. Meadowfoam Seed Oil is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, which help to repair and strengthen hair from within. It forms a protective barrier on the hair shaft, sealing in moisture and preventing damage from heat styling and environmental stressors, resulting in smoother, more resilient hair.


Sweet Almond Oil. Sweet Almond Oil is lightweight and easily absorbed, making it an excellent moisturizer for dry, damaged hair. It helps to strengthen the hair shaft, reduce split ends, and enhance shine, leaving hair looking and feeling healthier and more manageable.


Jojoba Seed Oil. Jojoba Seed Oil closely resembles the natural oils produced by the scalp, making it an effective moisturizer for both the scalp and hair. It helps to repair damage by nourishing the hair follicles, promoting healthy hair growth, and reducing dryness and breakage, resulting in stronger, smoother hair with improved elasticity.


Why chooses this product?

  • Smooths and makes hair straight
  • Lessens frizz and stray hair
  • Keeps results for a long time
  • Has 5 oils from nature
  • Makes it easier to handle hair
  • Made to prevent damage
  • Works well on different hair kinds
  • Keeps humidity away
  • Improves how shiny and nice hair looks
  • Gives salon-quality outcomes at home


Achieve effortlessly silky-smooth hair in just minutes, all through the simple act of combing

  1. Naturally straighten, smooth, and minimize hair roughness and split ends.
  2. Nourish your hair, replenish essential nutrients, and protect against the damage of heat styling and coloring.
  3. Infuse your hair with softness, maintaining a luxuriously smooth and straight appearance.
  4. Experience the harmonious blend of softness and shine, resulting in naturally beautiful, bright, and flawlessly smooth straight hair.


The main features of ATTDX Keratin Shine Hair Straightening Cream are:

  • Ideal for taming and straightening unruly, frizzy hair, providing a polished and sleek appearance.
  • Infused with nourishing properties, it deeply moisturizes and repairs the hair, replenishing its health and vitality.
  • Elevate your hair's radiance and texture as it imparts a brilliant shine and an irresistibly smooth touch.


How to use:

  1. Wash hair with shampoo before use (wipe to half dry and comb)
  2. Apply the product evenly on the hair and calculate the straightening time according to different hair types. (20-30 minutes for healthy hair, 10-20 minutes for damage hair)
  3. Rinse hair with water.


At ATTDX, experience hair care redefined with natural oils for salon-like results at home. Our ATTDX Keratin Shine Hair Straightening Cream utilizes a blend of natural oils and smoothing agents to provide salon-quality straightening results in the comfort of your own home. Experience smoother, frizz-free hair with enhanced shine and manageability.



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