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RICPIND WarmBreathe Purifier Heater Necklace

RICPIND WarmBreathe Purifier Heater Necklace

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RICPIND WarmBreathe Purifier Heater Necklace

RICPIND WarmBreathe Purifier Heater Necklace

Regular price $27.97
Regular price $27.97 Sale price
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Embrace portable warmth with RICPIND WarmBreathe Purifier Heater Necklace: Your wearable sanctuary for comfort on the move!

Let us see what our customers has to say with RICPIND WarmBreathePurifier Heater Necklace 

"With the RICPIND WarmBreathe Purifier Heater Necklace, I've found solace in chilly weather; its comforting warmth and air purification are a game-changer for my daily comfort. This necklace has become an essential part of my routine, providing not just warmth but also cleaner air, making it an absolute must-have in my accessories collection." - Grace Clark
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"RICPIND WarmBreathe Purifier Heater Necklace has been a revelation; it's like having a personal comfort zone wherever I go. The combination of soothing warmth and air purification is unmatched, ensuring I feel refreshed and cozy, whether indoors or out." - Ella Baker

Meet the RICPIND WarmBreathe Purifier Heater Necklace: A wearable innovation that brings you cozy warmth and purified air, anytime, anywhere.

Stay cozy and breathe easy with the RICPIND WarmBreathe Purifier Heater Necklace, a revolutionary necklace that combines comforting warmth and air purification in one sleek design. Embrace the luxury of personal climate control, enjoying purified air and gentle warmth wherever you go. Effortlessly stylish and incredibly functional, it's the ultimate accessory for your comfort and well-being.

  Small body, big power

The RICPIND WarmBreathe Necklace uses a special carbon fiber brush system to release negative ions into the air. These ions then attach to the impurities in the air, giving them a negative charge. This causes these particles to repel each other, moving away from where you breathe and sticking to nearby surfaces, preventing them from entering your body. This process ensures cleaner, fresher air for your comfort and well-being. 

Experience a breath of fresh air outdoors as it eliminates smoke and dust, providing a cleaner environment wherever you go

Transform your outdoor experience with the RICPIND WarmBreathe Purifier Heater Necklace, ensuring a refreshing breath of clean air by effectively removing smoke and dust. This innovative accessory serves as your personal clean-air oasis, making outdoor environments more comfortable and pollution-free. Embrace a cleaner and more enjoyable atmosphere wherever your adventures take you, courtesy of this versatile and reliable device. 

Elevate your body's warmth experience

Feel the comforting warmth enveloping your body with the RICPIND WarmBreathe Purifier Heater Necklace, ensuring a cozy and toasty experience wherever you go. This innovative accessory generates gentle, soothing warmth that surrounds you, providing the perfect solution for staying comfortably warm in any setting. Embrace the luxurious feeling of warmth, making every moment a delight, courtesy of this portable and efficient device. 

Silent mode

Unwind in tranquility with a silent mode designed for peaceful slumber, emitting a mere 5 decibels—quieter than the sound of gentle breathing. This discreet setting ensures a restful night's sleep, allowing you to bask in warmth without disturbance, enhancing your relaxation experience. Enjoy uninterrupted serenity as this feature creates a peaceful ambiance conducive to a tranquil sleep.


Experience prolonged warmth effortlessly with an exceptional battery life, surpassing 30 hours on high-end settings and over 60 hours on low-end settings, providing enduring comfort for extended adventures.


Designed with negative ion generator

Enjoy the RICPIND WarmBreathe Purifier Heater Necklace, ingeniously designed with a permanent negative ion generator, ensuring a lifetime of freshness without the need for replacement. The integrated negative ion generator works tirelessly to purify the air around you, promoting a cleaner atmosphere while providing long-lasting comfort and warmth wherever you go. Benefit from continuous air purification and warmth, thanks to the innovative and maintenance-free negative ion generator within this portable accessory.

Environmentally friendly
No replacement required


Why choose RICPIND WarmBreathe Purifier Heater Necklace?

Lightweight, compact and good-looking
Intelligent display, highlighting luxury
Silent mode for peaceful sleep
High efficiency, energy saving and long battery life
Easy to operate
Enjoy fresh air with just one click


How to Operate:

1. Press the first time to turn on the phone and activate low-range mode
2. Press the second time to switch to high mode
3. Press third time to shut down

Charging reminder

The power indicator lights up red when charging
The power indicator lights up blue when fully charged.
Lights up blue when working.
It is recommended to charge in the off state.


How To Order Yours

Due to the recent launch of the RICPIND WarmBreathe Purifier Heater Necklace and its extremely high demand in America, stock in several US states is already depleted. Their 60-Days Satisfaction Guarantee is causing stock to fly off the shelves.

To see if there's any left in your state at 50% OFF, click here to access the company's website. We highly encourage you to get a few different pairs while they're still at a discounted price.


At RICPIND, innovation meets warmth and purity, redefining comfort on the go. Our latest innovation, the RICPIND WarmBreathe Purifier Heater Necklace, combines warmth and purified air, ensuring comfort and freshness wherever you venture. Experience the ultimate in portable comfort with this ingenious accessory, delivering cozy heat and clean air in one sleek design.


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Shipping Protection


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