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RICPIND UFO Flying Interaction Ball

RICPIND UFO Flying Interaction Ball

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RICPIND UFO Flying Interaction Ball

RICPIND UFO Flying Interaction Ball

Regular price $28.97
Regular price $28.97 Sale price
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Meet fun head-on with the RICPIND UFO Flying Interaction Ball, your ticket to an airborne adventure that's pure excitement in motion.


Experience the thrill of entertainment!

Get ready to soar with the RICPIND UFO Flying Interaction Ball! This innovative device brings the thrill of flight to your fingertips, allowing you to control its airborne adventures with ease. Perfect for indoor excitement or outdoor fun, it's the ultimate way to experience flight in a whole new way!


What sets this product apart, gathering thousands of 5-star reviews and sparking celebrations among users?


 "An absolute delight! It's incredible how much joy this flying toy brought to our kids; they were over the moon playing with it, and its durability was a pleasant surprise." -Freya Wren, 37, Houston, Texas


"Such a hit in our family! Watching the kids and even us adults enjoying the flying experience together was priceless, and its sturdy build impressed us." - Aurora Blair, 34, San Francisco, CA


How does Intelligent swing technology works?

Intelligent swing technology operates by using sensors that detect the swing's movement and position. These sensors gather data that's then analyzed by algorithms. These algorithms make immediate adjustments to the swing's speed, direction, or movement patterns, ensuring a tailored and responsive swinging experience.


Let your children spend more time on activities

Experience a delightful alternative to video games with the RICPIND UFO Flying Interaction Ball, encouraging an active and vibrant childhood away from screens. This innovative flying toy captivates children, offering an exciting and healthy playtime that sparks their imagination and keeps them engaged in the real world. Enjoy a fantastic childhood filled with movement, creativity, and endless fun while steering clear of excessive screen time.


Functions of the RICPIND UFO Flying Interaction Ball

This innovative flying ball showcases intelligent technology, automatically returning to the user's hand. By adjusting the angle and giving it a gentle toss, users enjoy a few moments of flight before it gracefully spins back for easy retrieval.


Palm suspension intelligent sensor

Spread out your hand to cradle the aircraft's base, allowing the flying saucer adorned with vibrant LED lights to float and soar, captivating children with its captivating allure. Its brilliant LED display creates an enchanting spectacle, making it irresistible to kids as it effortlessly hovers and moves through the air.


LED light effect

Featuring a mesmerizing LED lamp effect, this flying interaction ball creates a captivating visual spectacle. Its vibrant LED display illuminates the surroundings, enhancing the flying experience with a dazzling light show. Enjoy the dynamic flight alongside the stunning LED effects, adding an extra layer of excitement to every toss and catch.


Designed with Intelligent swing technology and safety protection

The RICPIND UFO Flying Interaction Ball incorporates Intelligent Swing Technology, enabling effortless maneuvering and control. This technology, housed within the ball, ensures smooth, responsive movements through intuitive gestures, enhancing the user's aerial experience. With the aid of Intelligent Swing Technology, users can easily navigate the ball's flight path, making each interaction both seamless and enjoyable.

  • Full-width encrypted protective net to prevent wind blades from hitting your fingers
  • Spherical plastic protective shell, insulated and non-conductive
  • Automatic return provides a variety of gameplay methods based on tilting to different angles: spin, progress, levitation
  •  Highly elastic material, resistant to falling and bumping
  • Multiple ways to play 


How to play

Adjust the angle of the fly ball before throwing it outward, and experience its swift spin back to your hand, ensuring effortless retrieval. This interactive motion allows for an engaging toss-and-return interaction, adding an element of excitement as the fly ball seamlessly returns for continuous play. Enjoy the thrill of launching and catching the fly ball, creating moments of fun and amusement with its swift, return-to-hand action.

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    At RICPIND, our passion for innovation soars, crafting experiences that elevate the ordinary into the extraordinary. Our RICPIND UFO Flying Interaction Ball offers an exhilarating flying experience, captivating users with its vibrant LED lights and responsive controls. Experience the thrill of flight in the palm of your hand with this dynamic and engaging aerial toy.



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