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RICPIND Pro900 Portable Wall Outlet Heater

RICPIND Pro900 Portable Wall Outlet Heater

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RICPIND Pro900 Portable Wall Outlet Heater

RICPIND Pro900 Portable Wall Outlet Heater

Regular price $36.97
Regular price $36.97 Sale price
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Keep the warmth flowing with RICPIND Pro900 Portable Wall Outlet Heater, your enduring comfort solution

Here are Some of our Customers with Success Using RICPIND Pro900 Portable Wall Outlet Heater

"Living in a chilly region, our reliance on a traditional heater spiked our electric bills. This wonder product, matches the traditional heater's power but with significantly reduced electricity costs. Swapping to this product from the traditional heater the right choice, maintaining a warm home without draining our finances. Its efficiency in heat and remarkably low power consumption have truly been a blessing in these challenging times, offering warmth without the burden of soaring bills." - Liam Anderson, 37 Years Old 

"I just had to ditch my old traditional heater! It was such a hassle with its bulkiness and those complex wires everywhere. Switched to a plug-in heater, warms up the entire room so fast, and the best part? No more enduring the long wait for the room to heat up!" - Ava Matthews, 33 Years Old

PTC Ceramic Technology

The RICPIND Pro900 Portable Wall Outlet Heater, built around state-of-the-art PTC ceramic heating technology, promises an unparalleled and consistent warmth. This innovative technology enables the heater to dynamically adjust its power consumption through a self-regulating mechanism, optimizing efficiency based on the surrounding temperature conditions. Not only does this intelligent design maintain a consistently high level of warmth, but it also prioritizes safety by actively preventing overheating. This amalgamation of innovative engineering and safety features ensures a reliable and secure heating experience, setting the Plug Heater apart as a leader in warmth and protection.

Efficiency Empowered: Cut Costs, Preserve Energy

The RICPIND Pro900 Portable Wall Outlet Heater champions cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency through its innovative Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) technology. Unlike conventional heaters, this system dynamically regulates energy consumption, scaling it down once the desired temperature is achieved. This intelligent method minimizes energy wastage, channeling power solely for sustaining a cozy setting, thereby fostering practical savings for you. 

A Comparative Study of Energy Draw in Heating Systems

A comprehensive comparative study between the RICPIND Pro900 Portable Wall Outlet Heater and traditional heating systems reveals a significant energy-saving advantage. Research conducted by leading experts in the field indicates that the Pro900, leveraging its advanced Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) technology, reduces energy consumption by up to 30% compared to conventional heaters of similar capacity. This empirical evidence underscores the Pro900's superior efficiency, making it a compelling choice for those seeking to minimize energy costs while maximizing warmth and comfort.

900Watts Wall-Outlet Plug In

Effortlessly warm up any space with the RICPIND Pro900 Portable Wall Outlet Heater. Plugging in at 900 watts, its innovative PTC technology optimizes energy use for cost-effective heating, delivering comfort without excessive power consumption. Compact, portable, and smartly designed to fit any outlet - your go-to solution for efficient, cozy warmth!

Versatility & Space-Saving

Unlike conventional heaters tethered to specific spots, reliant on direct electrical connections, the RICPIND Pro900 Portable Wall Outlet Heater presents a liberating shift with improved maneuverability and space-conserving attributes. Granting the flexibility to efficiently utilize and optimize existing space, it champions a new era of convenience and adaptability.

12-Hour Timer with Overheated Protection

Effortlessly customize your heating schedule with the integrated 12-Hour Timer, tailoring the operating duration to your preferences. Complemented by Overheat Protection, this heater prioritizes safety by automatically ensuring a stable heating process. 

What Makes RICPIND Pro900 Portable Wall Outlet Heater the Great Choice?

900Watts Wall-Outlet Plug In
PTC Technology Provide Thermostat Automation
Reduces Energy Waste - Save Money
Warm Up a Room up to 120sq/ft
180° Swivel Plug
1-12 Hour Timer
Overheating Protection




At RICPIND, redefine comfort with personalized heating and advanced safety features in every moment. The RICPIND Pro900 Portable Wall Outlet Heaterredefines convenience, seamlessly blending 900 watts of power with advanced PTC technology for efficient, customizable warmth. With its compact design and safety-centric features, it's the smart choice for versatile and secure heating solutions.



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