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RICPIND Interactive Smart Mouse Toy

RICPIND Interactive Smart Mouse Toy

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RICPIND Interactive Smart Mouse Toy

RICPIND Interactive Smart Mouse Toy

Regular price $22.97
Regular price $22.97 Sale price
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Invite endless play and curiosity with RICPIND Interactive Smart Mouse Toy, designed to captivate and stimulate your cat's natural instincts 

Check what our customers have to say with it 

"Our cats absolutely adore the RICPIND Interactive Smart Mouse Toy! We've tried various mouse toys before, but this one stands out with its captivating movements, keeping our feline friends engaged and entertained for hours. It's become their go-to favorite among the collection of toys we have for them." -Esme Winter

"This mouse toy from RICPIND is a hit in our household! Our dogs have multiple toys, but this one grabs their attention like no other. They seem genuinely happy and excited while playing with it, showcasing its ability to keep them entertained and active. It's definitely a must-have for any cat owner!" -Dahlia Sage 

Interactive toys for cat and dog

he best hunting toys for cat and dog.When playing, start simple and work your way up. Get your cat used to chasing a length of string — then, after a while, add a fake mouse to get them into the spirit of things!

What is a touch sensor?

A touch sensor, in the context of movement redirection, is a technology that detects physical contact with an obstacle or wall, triggering a change in direction or movement. When a touch sensor embedded in a device and when it encounters an obstacle, it signals the device's internal system to alter its course or behavior. This mechanism enables the device to respond dynamically by changing its trajectory upon collision with an object or surface.

RICPIND Interactive Smart Mouse Toy: Your Cats’ Essential for Playtime

Turn on the cat mouse toy and set it on a level surface; as your cat interacts with this delightful gadget, observe its erratic movements and realistic mouse sounds that lure your furry companion into an exciting play and chase session. Engaging your cat's inquisitiveness, this engaging toy promotes activity and fun, delivering extended hours of entertainment and physical activity for your cherished pet.

Prepare your cats for an excitement of a mouse toy that moves and makes sounds

When your cats started to play with it and tap it gently, this toy comes alive—moving and squeaking like a real mouse. After a light touch, it pauses, keeping your cat intrigued. With its realistic features and enticing mouse sound, it's great for engaging your cat in playful and chases, banishing boredom effortlessly.

Self-operating Toy

Activate the cat mouse toy and place it on a flat surface; witness your cat engage with this charming toy as it moves unpredictably, emitting lifelike mouse sounds, enticing your feline friends for a thrilling game of chase and play. With the ability to change direction upon hitting obstacles or walls, this interactive toy keeps your cat engaged and playful, offering hours of entertainment and exercise. 

 Captivates both cats and dogs

Pets adore playing with this smart mouse toy, making cats gleeful and even engaging dogs in the fun. Observing their joyous antics with this interactive toy brings endless happiness to pet owners. Its appeal to both cats and dogs sparks delightful moments of play and amusement for all. 


Why chooses this product?

Lifelike mouse-like motions
Intriguing touch sensor technology
Engages both cats and dogs
Entertains with realistic sounds
Adaptable and responsive movements


At RICPIND, innovation meets playfulness and creating engaging pet delights. The RICPIND Interactive Smart Mouse Toy offers realistic movements and captivating touch sensor technology, providing endless entertainment for your furry companions. With lifelike actions and intuitive response, this toy ensures engaging playtime for both cats and dogs.



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