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Ricpind HalfArch LegCorrector InstantSupport Insole

Ricpind HalfArch LegCorrector InstantSupport Insole

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Ricpind HalfArch LegCorrector InstantSupport Insole

Ricpind HalfArch LegCorrector InstantSupport Insole

Regular price $19.97
Regular price $19.97 Sale price
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Finally, a product that addresses all the problems of leg posture with ease. Straighten your legs and improve your posture with the unique and patented Ricpind HalfArch LegCorrector InstantSupport Insole. It provides instant support and is designed to fit your foot perfectly.


“I am a middle school teacher, and I often have to walk around on the playground. I feel tired when walking up the stairs. My legs often hurt. Sometimes I feel pain in my legs, arms, and back, and can't even climb stairs steadily. My mother recommended that I wear the Ricpind HalfArch LegCorrector InstantSupport Insole, so I bought it when I was on the Internet shopping one day. I wore them for two weeks, and now my legs are very comfortable when walking.”—Angelica Thomas—Houston, Texas

“I had been struggling in my high heels for a long time. I had purchased different kinds of orthopedic insoles, but none of them proved to be effective. One day I was shopping with my friends and one of them showed me the Ricpind HalfArch LegCorrector InstantSupport Insole. She told me that it helped her to correct her deformed legs. I had to give it a try! Within 2 weeks of using the product, I could feel my legs were more relaxed and less tired. The shape of my legs has improved tremendously, even though I continued with high heels.”—Karina Jonas—Birmingham, Alabama 

Get ready to improve your leg alignment!

Improve your leg position and get support right underneath your foot with the Ricpind HalfArch LegCorrector InstantSupport Insole. The curved design fits snugly and comfortably in the arch of your feet, improving leg posture, reducing pain and pressure on your joints and tendons, easing back pain, shock absorption, preventing fatigue after standing for long periods, and boosting energy levels by improving blood circulation and increasing your metabolic rate. It's like having a personal trainer help you align and shape your legs to look better instantly!

Why do you have X-shaped legs / O-shaped legs?

When babies are born with bow legs it's because some of the bones had to rotate (twist) slightly when they were growing in the womb to fit into the small space. This is called physiologic bow legs. It's considered a normal part of a child's growth and development. Vitamin D deficiency (rickets = occurs especially in children; deformation of the bones) Hip joint dislocations (in case of unilateral malalignment) Incorrect load on the joints.

Biomechanical imbalances can occur when incorrect foot pressure is applied. This may cause gait abnormalities, placing additional stress on the knees and hips while increasing the risk of foot injuries. If these problems are not taken seriously, patients over the age of 35 can become unsteady on their feet, increasing the risk of falls; increasing the likelihood of joint degeneration and wear and tear, and leading to spinal problems and back pain, and in severe cases, even disability.

Incorrect foot pressure distribution can lead to biomechanical imbalances in the body during walking and movement, which in turn increases the stress and burden on the knees, hips and feet. This uneven pressure can lead to gait abnormalities, placing additional stress on the knees and hips while increasing the risk of foot injuries.

Proven and recommended by an Expert

Dr. Christopher Anderson is known for his outstanding research and contributions to the field of orthopedics. His publications include numerous research papers in several international medical journals, covering new approaches to disease treatment and improvements in rehabilitation strategies. Most notably, Dr. Anderson's most distinguished research--the Ricpind HalfArch LegCorrector InstantSupport Insole--has helped more than one million patients correct their leg shape.


How does the Ricpind HalfArch LegCorrector InstantSupport Insole work?

  • Biomechanical support

The Ricpind HalfArch LegCorrector InstantSupport Insole is a high-quality and very comfortable insole that is made from anti-skid material and custom-engineered to provide biomechanical support during foot movement to correct O-leg problems. By embedding specific supports and padding in the insoles, it is possible to adjust the posture and alignment of the foot to the angle of the knees, hips, and lower extremities.

  • Strengthening the gastrocnemius (calf muscle) 

The Ricpind HalfArch LegCorrector InstantSupport Insole provides moderate support to promote proper leg alignment and encourage stronger gastrocnemius muscles associated with improved leg function. This can be accomplished by adding moderate support to specific areas, which encourages proper muscle use, as well as encourages better alignment throughout the legs.

  • Progressive alignment

Ricpind HalfArch LegCorrector InstantSupport Insole is designed to be worn inside your everyday shoes, with great comfort and a soft feel. With the gradual nature of the alignment process in mind, HalfArch is created to fit into any shoe and it can be worn straight away without having to break it in. It has been specially designed to support your legs and feet without adding strain or excess pressure on joints.

Unique Features of Ricpind HalfArch LegCorrector InstantSupport Insole

  • Heel Wrap Area: designed to keep the foot in place and balance it with the shoe. The half-arch support corrects any instability caused by a flat foot, high arch, or loss of arch support.
  • Arch Support Zone: designed to provide anatomically correct and comfortable support for those suffering from flat feet. The contoured arch support design offers instant cushioning and pain relief while adding the structural stability that has been lost.
  • Heel Cutout: designed to align the foot in a balanced position, so that it can function more efficiently. This unique design allows the bottom of the heel to contact the insole of the shoe, ensuring sufficient cushioning for the heel.
  • Mid-Foot Massage Zone: Instant support ankle insoles give you more comfort in the ball of the foot and better blood circulation.


Why Choose Ricpind HalfArch LegCorrector InstantSupport Insole?

  • Provides the right amount of pressure to realign the arch of your foot
  • Designed to provide you with long-lasting comfort
  • Provides a gentle but effective correction
  • Painless leg correction
  • Fits a wide range of shoe types
  • Always stays close to the sole of the foot
  • Relieve the pressures on the heels whilst balancing the body
  • Offer progressive alignment this insole supports the gastrocnemius
  • Fits a wide range of shoe type
  • Designed to correct leg shape and balance body weight on both legs

Here are some of our happy customers:

“I am a teacher, and I have fallen down many times in front of my students. I was ashamed, and I wanted to find a product that could help me walk normally, so I searched the internet for a long time. Finally, I found Ricpind HalfArch LegCorrector InstantSupport Insole. After using it for two weeks, I was able to walk normally without it.”—Richelle Swift—Jacksonville, Florida 

“I'm a runner and have been for as long as I can remember. But after my last marathon, I started to notice some pain in my calves and feet. Thankfully, I found this product! They're amazing! After wearing the Ricpind HalfArch LegCorrector InstantSupport Insole for only a week, the pain has disappeared and I'm back running again! Thank you so much!”—Paul Thompson—Bloomington, Illinois 


At Ricpind, we know that good health is vital to feeling good. We've developed our scientifically-crafted products to deliver proven results for the relief you need. Ricpind is a brand of the profession for therapy to relieve pain.



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