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RICPIND Fur Snatch Pet Hair Laundry Remover

RICPIND Fur Snatch Pet Hair Laundry Remover

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RICPIND Fur Snatch Pet Hair Laundry Remover

RICPIND Fur Snatch Pet Hair Laundry Remover

Regular price $17.97
Regular price $17.97 Sale price
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Say goodbye to pet hair on your clothes with RICPIND Fur Snatch Pet Hair Laundry Remover, ensuring pristine, fur-free laundry every time, making clean, stylish living effortless 

clothes that repel dog hair

The newest solution for pet owners—RICPIND Fur Snatch Pet Hair Laundry Remover, the ultimate answer to pristine, fur-free laundry

Discover the ultimate solution for pristine laundry with RICPIND Fur Snatch Pet Hair Remover. Say farewell to pet hair struggles as this innovative remover effortlessly revitalizes your clothes, ensuring a fur-free finish. Enjoy a newfound freshness in every wash, making laundry day a breeze for pet owners seeking spotless, immaculate results. Elevate your laundry experience and embrace clean, fur-free garments effortlessly.

Does Medical-grade silicone safe to use?

Medical-grade silicone, renowned for its hypoallergenic and durable properties, ensures safe and reliable usage in various applications. Its non-toxic nature makes it a preferred choice, free from harmful substances like BPA, providing peace of mind for users concerned about health and safety. Whether in medical devices, kitchenware, or personal care items, its proven safety and versatility make it a trusted material for a range of products. 

Say Hello to RICPIND Fur Snatch Pet Hair Laundry Remover

The RICPIND Fur Snatch Pet Hair Laundry Remover offers a safe and reusable solution to effortlessly eliminate pet hair from clothing. Simply place the remover in your washer during regular cycles to gently adhere to and separate pet fur from your garments. For added effectiveness, use it in the dryer with your freshly washed laundry, often speeding up the lint trap filling process.

Key features of RICPIND Fur Snatch Pet Hair Laundry Remover

Effective pet hair remover. A reusable and efficient pet hair removal tool, crafted in the USA, designed for use in both washers and dryers, delicately eliminating pet fur, hair, dander, lint, and other debris from clothing, pet beds, jackets, and blankets.

Non-toxic. A patented pet hair remover safe for skin, fragrance-free, designed to capture lint and hair in the wash or channel them into your dryer's lint trap for easy removal.

Alleviates hairy problem. The pet hair remover utilizes silicone to create a flexible, tacky surface that effectively captures pet fur, offering a convenient alternative to traditional lint rollers or dryer sheets.

Safe to use on all clothing. This compact self-cleaning fur remover easily slips between clothing, bedding, jackets, dresses, blankets, and sheets, tumbling and oscillating for thorough cleaning. It effortlessly cleans itself during the washing cycle, ensuring reusable, long-lasting usage.

Designed with Medical-Grade Silicone Material

Crafted with medical-grade silicone, the RICPIND Fur Snatch Pet Hair Laundry Remover offers a revolutionary solution for pet hair removal. Its silicone construction ensures a durable and hypoallergenic tool, perfect for sensitive skin and safe for regular use. This innovative material provides a flexible and gentle surface that adeptly captures pet fur from various fabrics, making it a reliable choice for efficient laundry care. With its medical-grade quality, this remover guarantees both safety and effectiveness, revolutionizing the pet hair removal process.

  • Non-toxic
  • Applicable to any types of clothes

Hear our customers’ thought about RICPIND Fur Snatch Pet Hair Laundry Remover 

"Wow! The RICPIND Fur Snatch Pet Hair Laundry Remover is a game-changer! It effortlessly removed stubborn pet hair from my clothes, leaving them immaculate and fur-free. So easy to use, and the best part? It's reusable, making laundry days much simpler!" -Isabella Brown - San Francisco, California 

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"This product is a lifesaver! With three furry pets at home, I was constantly battling pet hair on my clothes. But thanks to the RICPIND Fur Snatch, I no longer stress about it. It works like magic, and the fact that it's self-cleaning during wash cycles is just fantastic!" -Charlotte Rivera - Seattle, Washington 

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"I was skeptical at first, but this Fur Snatch Pet Hair Remover blew my mind! It's compact yet mighty, managing to extract pet hair from every nook and cranny of my laundry. Such a relief to find a product that's effective, reusable, and makes pet hair removal hassle-free!" -Harper Clark - Atlanta, Georgia 

What makes RICPIND Fur Snatch Pet Hair Laundry Remover special?

  • Self-cleaning during wash cycles
  • Medical-grade silicone material
  • Reusable for extended use
  • Captures pet hair effectively
  • Hypoallergenic and skin-safe
  • Fits between various fabrics
  • Eliminates need for rollers

Washing Cycle:

  1. Insert RICPIND Fur Snatch Pet Hair Laundry Remover
  2. Wash the RICPIND Fur Snatch Pet Hair Laundry Remover with your clothes. It grabs fur and hair, washing then down the drain.
  3. Add to the dryer, and get more fur! 


At RICPIND, we fuse innovation with exceptional functionality, revolutionizing daily routines for seamless living. Our RICPIND Fur Snatch Pet Hair Laundry Remover offers an effortless solution for pet hair removal, seamlessly integrating into your laundry routine. Designed to tackle pet hair with ease, it simplifies the task of maintaining fur-free clothes."



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