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RICPIND Frog Tongue Mask Game Set

RICPIND Frog Tongue Mask Game Set

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RICPIND Frog Tongue Mask Game Set

RICPIND Frog Tongue Mask Game Set

Regular price $22.97
Regular price $22.97 Sale price
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Experience playful fun with RICPIND Frog Tongue Mask Game Set- leap into excitement! 

Check our customers’ feedback 

"The Frog Tongue Mask Game Set by RICPIND has completely transformed our family evenings! I can't express how delightful it is to witness my kids thoroughly engrossed in laughter and friendly rivalry while playing this game. It's become a staple in our household, not just as a source of entertainment, but as a bonding experience that brings us all together. The sheer joy and excitement on their faces as they aim and snatch the targets with those frog tongues are moments I treasure, fostering connections and creating lasting memories that we cherish as a family." -Luna Victoria, 32, San Francisco, California 

"What a gem of a game! The Frog Tongue Mask Game Set from RICPIND has injected a whole new level of liveliness into our home. Seeing my children gleefully engaged in this playful activity has been heartwarming. It's not just about the game; it's about the shared moments of joy, laughter, and friendly competition that have significantly strengthened our family bonds. Moreover, it's refreshing to have an activity that keeps them active and entertained while allowing us to connect and enjoy each other's company, making it a worthwhile addition to our family time repertoire." - Stella Penelope, 37, Miami, Florida 

Playing games together strengthens family bonds

This interactive game brings families closer by igniting laughter and friendly competition. With its playful mechanics, it encourages shared moments of joy and connection among family members. It's a catalyst for building stronger relationships through lighthearted fun and teamwork


Early development toy

Discover the Frog Tongue Mask Game Set, a dynamic early development toy that sparks imagination and hand-eye coordination in young ones. With its interactive gameplay, this set nurtures crucial skills while captivating children's attention and fostering cognitive growth. Engage their senses and watch as they learn through play, laying the foundation for essential developmental milestones with every playful leap and grab.

Foster children's determination and enhance their hand-eye coordination

This innovative game set is designed to nurture kids' perseverance while enhancing their hand-eye coordination skills. Through its engaging mechanics, it encourages children to develop resilience and precision in a fun and interactive way. Experience how this game fosters determination and sharpens coordination, empowering kids to reach for targets and improve their skills effortlessly.

Extending the tongue is fun

When you blow into it, the game makes your character stick out its tongue and execute a playful tongue attack. It adds a hilarious twist to gameplay, allowing for entertaining interactions during the game. This feature injects a fun and unexpected element, creating memorable moments during playtime.

Easy to clean

The RICPIND Frog Tongue Mask Game Set introduces a mild yet effective feature with its waterproof cards, ensuring lasting enjoyment during playtime. This innovative design feature allows for worry-free fun, making it ideal for outdoor play or messy indoor adventures. Dive into the excitement without concern, as the waterproof cards guarantee a lasting and enjoyable experience for all ages.

Fun and Interactive
Easy to play

How to play

1. Choose your favorite color. (red/ green)
2. Cards are placed on the table in sequence.
3. The referee randomly draws a card from the stack and reads the number.
4. The first team to accurately shoot down the card wins


What makes RICPIND Frog Tongue Mask Game Set special?

Engaging tongue-launching action
Durable waterproof game cards
Promotes hand-eye coordination
Hilarious family entertainment
Encourages active play
Fosters bonding moments



At RICPIND, we're dedicated to crafting endless fun and unforgettable moments and ensuring that joy and excitement become an integral part of every experience. The RICPIND Frog Tongue Mask Game Set is an uproariously entertaining adventure, where players launch their tongues to catch targets, fostering laughter and excitement among all ages. With its innovative design and interactive gameplay, this set creates playful moments that unite families and friends in delightful competition and bonding.



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