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RICPIND FreezeShield ThermoMelt Snow Remover

RICPIND FreezeShield ThermoMelt Snow Remover

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RICPIND FreezeShield ThermoMelt Snow Remover

RICPIND FreezeShield ThermoMelt Snow Remover

Regular price $26.97
Regular price $26.97 Sale price
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The RICPIND FreezeShield ThermoMelt Snow Remover is a winter solution designed to tackle even the most stubborn snow and ice with ease. Its advanced technology combines electromagnetic interference and thermal capabilities to swiftly and efficiently clear away snow, making it a reliable and indispensable tool for winter maintenance.

Data Report on Vehicle Freezing and Snow Accumulation Impact in the United States

Over the last decade, an average of 36 significant snowstorms per year have predominantly impacted the northern and northeastern regions. These annual weather events have resulted in hundreds of thousands of vehicles being immobilized or rendered inoperable due to snow and ice. Major snowstorms have consistently contributed to vehicle damage, increased obsolescence, and a rise in traffic accidents. 

The climate issue is deteriorating; it is essential to promptly establish preventive measures

Severe subzero temperatures and snowstorms make getting around difficult. Problems that cars face outdoors - the handlebars are frozen, the windshield is covered with snow, and even the vehicle is buried under 1.3 meters of snow.

Introducing RICPIND FreezeShield ThermoMelt Snow Remover

In either scenario, gaining access to your vehicle becomes an insurmountable challenge. Fortunately, a remarkable solution has emerged—the RICPIND FreezeShield ThermoMelt Snow Remover. This innovative device offers effective prevention against snow accumulation during intense snowfall, alleviating the frustrating dilemma of being ensnared by ice and snow. With the RICPIND FreezeShield ThermoMelt Snow Remover, your vehicle remains accessible and unburdened by snow, ensuring a hassle-free and more convenient winter experience.

Easy to Use - Easy to Install

The RICPIND FreezeShield ThermoMelt Snow Remover boasts a user-friendly design that makes snow removal a breeze. Being solar-driven, it operates without the need for an external power supply, making it incredibly convenient and environmentally friendly. Additionally, its temperature-sensing technology ensures effortless operation by automatically detecting temperature fluctuations and initiating the snow-melting process without any manual intervention required. With these features seamlessly integrated, using the RICPIND FreezeShield ThermoMelt Snow Remover is as simple as it gets, providing an efficient and hassle-free solution to snow accumulation challenges.

Key Technologies of RICPIND FreezeShield ThermoMelt Snow Remover

The composite frequency band, harnessing electromagnetic energy, effectively influences ice and snow upon contact with a vehicle's surface. By stimulating molecular motion, it rapidly melts surface ice and snow, all while having minimal impact on water molecules' movement, ensuring no radiation and no adverse effects on vehicle materials or human health.

Moreover, a fortuitous laboratory discovery unveiled an "active electron" capable of loosening the structure of water molecules. This property prevents easy solidification of water at low temperatures, maintaining the water molecules' active mobility. Consequently, this feature guarantees prolonged resistance to freezing in low-temperature environments, enhancing the vehicle's functionality.

 Practical and stylish car accessories

The RICPIND FreezeShield ThermoMelt Snow Remover not only excels in practical performance but also boasts an attractive and stylish design, making it a superb automotive adornment.

It not only enhances the vehicle's interior aesthetics but also seamlessly complements various car models, be it a luxury sedan, an SUV, or a compact car, seamlessly integrating into the vehicle and elevating the entire interior with its refined décor. The precision in design elements and sleek contours harmoniously match the modern vehicle exteriors, underscoring meticulous attention to detail and sophisticated craftsmanship. With a straightforward installation base and solar panel power source, it requires no external power supply, ensuring effortless placement within the vehicle. 

Customer's life changes after using RICPIND FreezeShield ThermoMelt Snow Remover

“I purchased this product just in time for the first (of many!) snow and ice in Erie, PA - a few days before it arrived we already had a thick layer of ice on our handlebars and the windshield was frozen too. At the end of the day there was a thick layer of ice on it. We then had to work in the parking lot for over half an hour. This de-icer can melt almost any ice cube without any effort. It is also wide enough to cover the rear doors and rear windows so that no annoying ice stains are left behind. Great product! Highly recommended! (As someone who moved north from Florida, this product works wonders! This is one of the best investments I've ever made, especially since my old car iced up very quickly)” --Michigan, Jordan Jones 

“I'm very glad I got it. It arrived just in time for me to use it during the ice storm that lasted all month. I'm a 74 years old woman who lives alone and I don't have the energy or time to spend all morning cleaning my car and just picking up a few things at the grocery store. Now I get up every morning and get in my car as if winter never came. My neighbors are still scraping thick ice and snow off their car windows, and I feel so bad that I'm going to send each of them a link to purchase.”  --London, Caleb Austin

What makes RICPIND FreezeShield ThermoMelt Snow Remover the best choice?

  • No harm to the electronic devices in the car and the human brain
  • 360° all-round de-icing
  • No heat or radiation
  • No side effects on the human body
  • Elegant appearance and easy to install
  • Solar powered, no external power required


At RICPIND, our foremost priority is your well-being. Grounded in our dedication to holistic health, the RICPIND FreezeShield ThermoMelt Snow Remover is meticulously crafted to harness the power of nature's most potent elements. Enjoy your enhanced vehicle interiors with stylish sophistication while effortlessly tackling snow and ice.


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