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RICPIND EMS Posture Guard Trainer Device

RICPIND EMS Posture Guard Trainer Device

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RICPIND EMS Posture Guard Trainer Device

RICPIND EMS Posture Guard Trainer Device

Regular price $29.97
Regular price $29.97 Sale price
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Say goodbye to poor posture with RICPIND EMS Posture Guard Trainer Device and embrace a healthier, more aligned spine 

With thousands of verified 5-star reviews and scientific proofs, what is it so special about this product that has people celebrating? 

Discover what our delighted customers have to say 

Correct Poor Posture – Functional Patterns

"After using the RICPIND EMS Posture Guard Trainer Device for the last four months, I've noticed a significant improvement in my posture. What sets this device apart is its pain-free approach to posture correction, using gentle vibrations as reminders to sit or stand up straight. I wholeheartedly recommend this product." — Kelsea Perri, Houston, Texas 

Two weeks post-op and 1.25 inches taller! : r/kyphosis

"Two weeks post-op and 1.25 inches taller! I've been wearing the RICPIND EMS Posture Guard Trainer Device for about a month, and it truly delivers results. No more slouching, improved standing posture, and my shirt stays neatly tucked in throughout the day. Highly impressed!" — Anthony Johnson, Lexington, Kentucky

What are the causes of poor posture?

Poor posture occurs when you position yourself unnaturally, straining muscles and ligaments. Slouching at the computer may feel initially relaxed, but it can lead to sore neck, lower back pain, and tense shoulders. Imbalances in muscle strength can also contribute; for instance, weak abdominal muscles may lead to relying on the back for stability. Combat this with a comprehensive exercise routine targeting all major muscle groups.

x-ray-of-bad-posture-2 -

Good posture crucial in maintaining spinal health - The Korea Times

How does Electrical Muscle Stimulation work?

EMS can lead to a reduction in forward body tilt and spinal column curvatures, resulting in improved posture. Widely used for back pain, neck pain, muscle tightness, and spasms, Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) provides effective and affordable pain relief, often found soothing. Notably, EMS training enhances posture, as evidenced by a 2017 scientific study showing significant improvements in posture and core muscle strength after just eight weeks of training. With its documented ability to target deeper muscles crucial for posture, EMS strengthens key areas like the back, abdomen, and neck muscles. 

RICPIND EMS Posture Guard Trainer Device was Clinically proven

According to Dr. Christina Rodriguez, PT, DPT, OCS, the RICPIND EMS Posture Guard Trainer Device provides immediate pain relief and aids in training the body to maintain proper posture independently. Its optimal effectiveness is achieved when used in conjunction with postural exercises. By enhancing proprioceptive senses, the device heightens awareness of what constitutes good posture and facilitates corrective actions. Dr. Rodriguez explains, "If I start to slouch, the posture corrector will alert me to the incorrect position, allowing me to readjust by pulling my shoulders back or tucking in my lower back." The ultimate goal is for this correction to become second nature over time. 

Key features of RICPIND EMS Posture Guard Trainer Device

Perfect as Your Solution for Posture. The RICPIND EMS Posture Guard Trainer Device uses muscle stimulation to encourage a natural body posture. Crafted from high-quality, skin-friendly fabric that comfortably fits the body's curve, it allows you to train your posture with ease. Its simple button design and integrated structure make it user-friendly in any position, ensuring comprehensive posture correction with 360° surround stimulation.

Alert ready. With the integrated intelligent posture trainer device, RICPIND EMS Posture Guard Trainer Device will vibrate to remind you when you are in a bad posture. If you wear our posture corrector for a period of time, you will develop the habit of straightening your back and gaining muscle memory.

Adjustable Shoulder Strap. This is an amazing and comfortable postural trainer. The strap is adjustable and with super elasticity, which makes it suitable for various body types, including small, medium, and large sizes. It is easy to put on and take off. 

Designed with Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Unleash the power of perfect posture with the RICPIND EMS Posture Guard Trainer Device. Its high-quality fabric, designed to fit your body's contours, combined with advanced Electrical Muscle Stimulation, provides a comfortable yet effective way to train and correct your posture. Experience the transformation as your body learns the art of maintaining a poised and confident stance.

  • Safe to Use!
  • Efficient Posture Corrector

Check out more of our happy customer's review   

Before and After EMS Workout Back Pain Relief | Easy fit

"After spending prolonged hours at my computer, I began experiencing backaches. Discovering this product online, I noticed a positive change on the first day—my back was no longer curved. With consistent use over four weeks, my upper back and shoulders gained a healthier curve. By week eight, the posture corrector remarkably improved my posture, providing firmness without excessive spinal curvature. I'm truly impressed with the results achieved in just eight weeks of consistent use." - Joven Robertson

Hey guys I've been working on trying to fix my forward head posture, is  this looking pretty close to normal now? : r/PostureTipsGuide

"I can't express how delighted I am with the RICPIND EMS Posture Guard Trainer Device! From the very first day, I felt the difference in my back, and now, after a month of use, my posture has visibly improved. It's a game-changer for anyone seeking a comfortable and effective solution for better posture!" -Terry Gibson

Unique features of RICPIND EMS Posture Guard Trainer Device

  • Form the correct seating posture and prevent short-sightedness
  • Stretch your shoulders fully
  • Relieve back, shoulder, and muscle discomfort
  • Promote the growth of posture-strengthening muscles
  • Train your muscles anew
  • Avoid slouching and bent shoulders
  • Easily stay upright
  • Get reminders for good posture
  • Form the habit of straightening your back and build muscle memory



At RICPIND, redefine your posture and embrace a healthier you effortlessly.  Enhance your posture effortlessly with the RICPIND EMS Posture Guard Trainer Device, utilizing cutting-edge Electrical Muscle Stimulation technology for effective and comfortable correction. Crafted with high-quality materials, it promotes proper alignment, providing a simple yet innovative solution for a confident and pain-free posture.



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