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RICPIND EarWax PRO HD Clearner

RICPIND EarWax PRO HD Clearner

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RICPIND EarWax PRO HD Clearner

RICPIND EarWax PRO HD Clearner

Regular price $39.97
Regular price $39.97 Sale price
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Say goodbye to ear discomfort with RICPIND EarWax PRO HD Cleaner, embracing crystal-clear hearing effortlessly 

With thousands of verified 5-star reviews and scientific proofs, what is it so special about this product that has people celebrating?

Take a look at the reviews from our delighted customers:

“The RICPIND EarWax PRO HD Clearner with Ear Camera is a game-changer! The ability to see into my ear in real time gives me peace of mind and the gentle wax removal is incredibly effective. It is a must for everyone.” Who cares about the health of their ears?” -Emily Johnson --- New York City, NY 

“As I live in a city with high levels of air pollution, I was constantly struggling with earwax buildup. The RICPIND EarWax PRO HD Clearner not only allows me to monitor the health of my ears, but also provides a convenient way to keep my ears clean. It has become an essential part of my ear self-care routine.” -Jonathan Davis --- Los Angeles, C 

Revealed: The newest innovation, RICPIND EarWax PRO HD Cleaner - redefine your hearing experience effortlessly

Experience a revolution in hearing clarity with RICPIND EarWax PRO HD Cleaner, meticulously designed for effortless ear care. This advanced device delicately removes impurities, ensuring optimal sound reception without discomfort. Say hello to pristine hearing and bid farewell to earwax-related nuisances with ease.

How does Smart Ear Camera Technology work?

Unlock a new realm of precision and control with Smart Ear Camera Technology. This state-of-the-art innovation offers an unprecedented glimpse into ear health, allowing you to effortlessly inspect and monitor with remarkable clarity. Seamlessly connect to your device, enabling a thorough, hassle-free examination and ensuring proactive care for your auditory well-being. 

4 main functions for RICPIND EarWax PRO HD Cleaner

Smart Ear Camera Technology. The device features a high-resolution miniature camera at its tip, offering live footage of your ear canal in real-time, enabling a direct view on a linked device like a smartphone or tablet.

LED lighting. The camera module includes integrated LED lights that brightly illuminate the ear canal, guaranteeing a clear view of the area under examination. This lighting is essential for identifying issues like earwax buildup, foreign objects, or any concerns needing immediate attention.

Gentle earwax removal.  Aside from its camera capabilities, the device incorporates a gentle earwax removal mechanism, employing a soft coil design or other non-intrusive methods to safely and efficiently eliminate accumulated earwax. Users can observe the process live through the connected device, ensuring a comfortable and transparent experience.

Wireless Connectivity. The RICPIND EarWax PRO HD Cleaner connects wirelessly to your device via Bluetooth, enabling real-time viewing of the ear canal without cumbersome cables, ensuring a convenient and user-friendly experience.

Designed with Smart Ear Camera Technology

Designed with innovative Smart Ear Camera Technology, the RICPIND EarWax PRO HD Cleaner offers an advanced solution for precise ear care. Its high-resolution camera provides real-time visuals of the ear canal, ensuring a comprehensive and detailed examination. With wireless connectivity and integrated LED lights, it empowers users to effortlessly monitor and manage ear health for optimal well-being.

  • Real-time viewing
  • Careful cleaning

Check out more of our happy customer's review 

"After trying various ear care products, I stumbled upon this device and it's been a game-changer. The clear visuals and hassle-free wireless connection make ear care a breeze. Definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an easy solution for ear health!" -Ann Sepirre 

"I was pleasantly surprised by how easy and effective this gadget is. The camera clarity is impressive, and the wireless setup is super convenient. A must-have for anyone wanting to take better care of their ears!" -Nicole Morales

That's why RICPIND EarWax PRO HD Cleaner is something special

  • Smart ear camera technology
  • Wireless connectivity (Bluetooth)
  • High resolution live view
  • LED lighting for clear visibility
  • Gentle earwax removal mechanism
  • Dedicated mobile app control
  • Capture images and videos
  • Reusable medical grade silicone tips
  • Compact and portable design
  • User-friendly one-button controls

How to use:

  1. Connect and pair: Turn on the RICPIND EarWax PRO HD Cleaner, activate the Bluetooth connection and pair it with your smartphone or tablet via the dedicated app.
  2. Insert and illuminate: Gently insert the device into your ear canal so that the smart ear camera provides a live view. The LED lights illuminate the area for clear visibility.
  3. Control and cleaning: With the app you can control the camera, take pictures or videos and activate the gentle wax removal mechanism if necessary. The reusable medical-grade silicone tips make cleaning easy and ensure a hygienic experience every time you use it.



At RICPIND, our commitment to innovative solutions brings convenience and efficiency into everyday life. Our RICPIND EarWax PRO HD Cleaner offers advanced ear care with its high-resolution camera and wireless connectivity, enabling real-time monitoring without cumbersome cables. Experience hassle-free ear examination and cleaning for optimal ear health and comfort.



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