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ATTDX TigerJoint Magnet Relief Clip

ATTDX TigerJoint Magnet Relief Clip

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ATTDX TigerJoint Magnet Relief Clip

ATTDX TigerJoint Magnet Relief Clip

Regular price $20.97
Regular price $20.97 Sale price $25.96
SAVE 19% Sold out

Elevate your wellness journey with ATTDX TigerJoint Magnet Relief Clip - a magnetic fusion for unparalleled joint relief and vitality

See what our customers have to say with ATTDX TigerJoint Magnet Relief Clip


"For years, headaches have been a part of my daily life, feeling like a constant battle every day. Headaches have reduced my work efficiency, making it difficult to concentrate or complete tasks. The sensation of pain exacerbates my feelings of anxiety and stress, further affecting my mood and emotional state. But since I started using the ATTDX TigerJoint Magnet Relief Clip, it has significantly relieved my headache problems, allowing me to focus on work without being disturbed by headaches. Just massaging the Hegu acupoint for 5 minutes every day can relieve my pain for more than 10 hours. It's truly been a lifesaver for me!" - Jessica Martinez, Los Angeles, California


"After enduring years of muscle tension and discomfort, I finally found relief with the ATTDX TigerJoint Magnet Relief Clip. Its innovative design effectively targets pain points, providing immediate comfort and promoting better mobility. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking natural, lasting relief." -Sarah White, 31, Boston, Massachusetts


Therapeutic Potential of Far Infrared in Alleviating Muscle Tension and Discomfort

Dr. Xi Chen, a rheumatologist at Macau University of Science and Technology, revealed through his research that Far Infrared (FIR) application exerts remarkable effects on inflammation reduction and immune response modulation, effectively alleviating muscle tension and associated pain. FIR's unique wavelength penetrates deeply into tissues, reaching the Hegu point situated between the thumb and index finger, where it stimulates circulation and encourages relaxation. This gentle warmth not only provides immediate comfort but also promotes healing and improving blood circulation at a cellular level, offering individuals a natural and effective method for managing discomfort and improving overall well-being.


The Therapeutic Effects of Hegu Acupoint Massage

Hegu acupoint, an essential point in traditional Chinese medicine theory, is known for its various therapeutic effects, including dispersing wind and heat, relieving pain, and promoting surface detoxification and throat comfort. Massaging the Hegu acupoint can alleviate headaches, especially mild migraines and tension headaches. It also provides temporary relief from toothaches, particularly those caused by temporary sensitivity or dental hypersensitivity. Additionally, Hegu acupoint massage is employed to ease sore throats and discomfort in the pharynx, promoting relief in the throat area. Furthermore, it aids in relaxing hand muscles, reducing tension and stress, thus contributing to overall relaxation.


Unlock the Power of Far Infrared Revolutionizing Pain Relief and Enhancing Well-being

Experience the revolution in pain relief with ATTDX TigerJoint Magnet Relief Clip, infused with state-of-the-art Far Infrared technology. This innovative clip not only provides targeted relief but also enhances blood circulation, promoting overall well-being. Harness the power of Far Infrared to reduce muscle tension, alleviate discomfort, and embark on a journey to renewed vitality.

Acupressure & Cold Magnet Relief Clip

Indulge in the dual benefits of acupressure and cold magnet with this innovative relief clip, designed for unparalleled comfort and relaxation. Experience targeted relief as gentle pressure meets the soothing coolness of cold magnet, easing tension and promoting a sense of well-being. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to blissful relief with this must-have solution for joint health.


Revitalize Your Routine with ATTDX TigerJoint Magnet Relief Clip

Elevate your daily tasks with our discreet Magnet Relief clips, crafted to effortlessly slide onto your Hegu point, located between the thumb and index finger on the hand. With a focus on enhancing blood circulation through Far Infrared technology, these clips stimulate acupuncture points, invigorating your body's energy flow as you tackle tasks like typing, playing the piano, or practicing yoga. 

How to use:

  1. Hold the clip with the curved side facing your palm.
  2. Slide it onto the hegu point of your hand.
  3. Apply light pressure on acupuncture points for 5 minutes.
  4. Adjust pressure for comfort until pain subsides.

What makes ATTDX TigerJoint Magnet Relief Clip special?

  • Far Infrared Technology for Healing
  • Acupressure Points Activation
  • Discreet and Comfortable Design
  • Enhanced Blood Circulation
  • Targeted muscle tension and discomfort
  • Versatile for Daily Activities


At ATTDX, we pioneer innovative solutions to redefine your comfort and well-being and ensuring unparalleled relief and vitality. We crafted ATTDX TigerJoint Magnet Relief Clip to provide targeted relief and enhance vitality through advanced magnet and Far Infrared technology. Experience the fusion of comfort and innovation for effortless pain management and improved well-being.

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